Why do Web address companies charge's differ so much?

OK, I’m trying to register two new web addresses, and have tried to do a little price comparison. Boy, what a difference! At Network Solutions, two addresses for two years costs $126…At UK2.net I can register them for FREE (or for only a few british pounds for added services, but not more than $20). Huh? I’m confused. What scam does UK2.net use to get money from me? Are there other companies out there like this?

I want to park two addresses until we build a business for one of them. Just sit on it for awhile, but then we will use it. So should I pay the $126, or see what happens with the free option?


Hi Tomcat. Here is a link that may help you decide who to register with. Domain Name Buyers Guide

They are ranked on price and terms outlined in the contract. I don’t see UK2.net on the list but you can get some good information on choosing a registrar.

Some companies try to make their money with alternative services. I registered my domain name through a British company called FreeNetName, and didn’t pay a single penny for the registration or the site hosting. So far I’ve had no problems. FreeNetName make their money by also acting as an ISP, and in order to upload to my site I have to be logged in via a dial-up connection to them.

However – and here’s the catch – companies that charge bizarrely low prices, or rely on other services, may not last that long. FreeNetName have stopped taking on subscribers, and I’m slightly worried now that one day my site will just disappear (and any chance of legally claiming the domain name back).

In addition to the issue of these companies going belly-up, there’s one more issue that I’ve read about on other boards (which also have disappeared) that the domain is not really yours. The way I understand it, YMMV, is that once your contract with the registrar is over, the domain reverts to their possession (as they’re the ones who paid applicable registration fees and whatnot). What is supposed to happen at this point is anyone’s guess, but my WAG is that they then try to sell it back to you or use it for their own nefarious schemes. To be on the safe side, I’d register it so I own it outright, but it is a decent hunk of change…