Why do you let your child operate a "vehicle" ...

if you don’t think he’s old enough to understand and follow traffic laws? Link

Just pay the ticket, be glad your son is still living, and TEACH HIM HOW TO SAFELY RIDE A BIKE!!! This means MAKING him wear a helmet, by setting a penalty if he doesn’t do so, and teaching him how to cross streets etc. If he’s not able to judge distance, or understand that he has to obey stop signs, then DON’T LET HIM RIDE!!! At least, not until he’s able to be safe. The laws are in place to keep bicyclists, and other vehicle operators safe.

Kansas law

Full Kansas laws

Look up your state’s trafffic laws concerning bicycles.

Then, you had better teach him, Mom! :rolleyes:
Pay the fine, enroll him in a safety course (don’t know where one is? FIND ONE!), and then hope he stays alive.

At eight he’s more than old enough to learn what the right of way is. He also needs to learn when to let people take it if they want it, seeing as he’s a kid on a bike and very vulnerable.

That sounds like it may be a dangerous proposition.

From the article:

A safety course sounds like a safer course of action. There are multiple signs pointing to Mummy being as smart as a bag of bricks.

When I was a kid, our municipality required people to acquire licenses to ride a bike on the street. You had to complete a basic course, and then the license decal was applied directly to your bicycle. I didn’t have any difficulty with that as a seven-year-old. Not even the arcane concept of “right of way.” Most playground games have more complicated rules, and they are easily learned, even without the incentive of familiarity with them making it less likely for a kid to end up in hospital or in the ground.

"She added the only money her son has is the allowance he has been saving for a battery-operated miniature truck."

This would be an excellent lesson in life for him: when you fuck up, you have to pay the piper. Say goodbye to your miniture truck.

Instead the lesson he’s learning is (at least from “mom”) “when you fuck up, you don’t have to take your medicine”."

Actually, that kid is learning the lesson from “mom” that he can do no wrong.

This is why we’re evolving into a nation of assholes. Too many “parents” who raise their kids like this. Kids who grow up to be asshole adults.
And what about the poor slob who was unfortunate enough to cross paths with this little dumb ass? This “mother” is basically saying fuck you to him. I hope he sues her in court. She’ll wish to hell she paid the lousy ticket.

Does he understand the right of weight then? Bike 5 lbs, car 2500Lbs.