Why do you people type other's usernames in bold when replying?

Is it some sort of superiority complex (if there is such a thing)? Don’t you think that we can read your words without it being in bold? I don’t get it, what’s the deal? :confused:

It’s not an ego thing for me at all, Dirtykash, it’s been more of a status quo thing for the SDMB. Everyone else does it.

I guess I thought myself more independant than I actually am.

DirtyKash, I suppose it’s just a way of making it clear who the reply is to. It isn’t mandatory or anything. Do it if you like or not. :slight_smile:

While I agree with stpauler, personally I see it as a way to give a nod of respect to whomever you are speaking about.

If I take the extra time to bold their name, they know I actually took the time to read what they said and aknowledge them.

We really are a close community, no matter how big the boards get, and we like to see each other with a measure of parity.

Refering to them by name is polite, because if they do a vanity search, the thread will come up, and they will know that someone was talking to them or about them.
You bold the name to make it stand out on a quick scan of the page.

I started doing it because everyone else seemed to do it that way. Then I realized that it really is helpful to be able see quickly (in a thread with multiple “conversations” going on, for example) who’s talking to me. Since I liked that convenience, I usually bold people’s names when I’m replying to their comments or writing about them.

Also, certain usernames are common enough words that occasionally it may become confusing if this weren’t done - usernames like december, vanilla, Gravity, Q.E.D., and so forth. It also reduces the likelihood of confusion when using abbreviations for a username, like QtM for Qadgop the Mercotan. Bolding the abbreviation clues you in that this might be a username rather than some acronym that you’re not familiar with.

Just pretty much so that if I mention someone’s name, they’ll have an easier time realizing it.

I appreciate when someone bold types a reply to me because sometimes the threads get so long that I don’t read each response in detail. Usually I will do this if I have a specific reply to another member participating in the thread.

Why not read every response in detail? Justhink about some of the responses that one might encounter and in time you will understand. :wink:

A little inside joke…search for Justhink and see what ya find. I bet you’ll get it pretty quick.

I wouldn’t have started the concept myself, but since it’s established, I bold other poster’s name out of respect.

I usually do it when I’m replying to a couple people in the same post. Like so:

t-keela: That’s an interesting smiley you used.

KidCharlemagne: True enough.

If i’m replying to something that’s a few post above me, i like to use a bolded name so the person directly above me doesn’t think that my reply was intended for them. That and i’m a conformist…


If you typically bold other posters’ names in a reply, then you can use the unbolded form to demonstrate that you don’t respect that person. :smiley:

It’s a convention. And it just looks better.

Just so nobody accuses you of having a superiority complex, or any of us of foisting one upon you, we can, if you insist, refrain from placing your name in bold text, DirtyKash.

'n K? :stuck_out_tongue: