Why does Barq's have bite?

Does anyone know what exactly it is that give Barq’s root beer it’s bite?

I always assumed it was a reference to the fact that it’s caffeinated.

I think to refers to the sharp flavor. What gives it this flavor, I do not know.

Root beer does not naturally have caffiene. Barq’s adds caffiene. Then they advertise it as having bite.


What??? Barqs has NO caffeine. Look at the bottle, it says so ‘NO CAFFEINE’.

Maybe they use real root beer extract, cause then it tastes much much better.

Barqs diet root beer is caffeine free. Regular has caffeine, though I thought they did make a regular version that was caffeine free.

:slight_smile: PK likes root beer.


IIRC, the bite is because it uses a healthy dose of real sassafras extract (safrole free) rather than a cheaper artificial flavoring. I use Pappy’s Sassafras extract to make iced tea and that stuff can slap you up pretty good!

I thought it was because it had more carbonation. But I could be wrong. Alls I knows is that it’s the best damn soft drink in the world. Ambrosia! Drink of the Gods! All Hail Barq’s Rootbeer!