why does crying give you a headache?

Pretty straightforward.

With all respect, I never heard of that before. Doesn’t happen to me.

Maybe if you cry a lot, you get dehydrated. Other than that, I have no idea.

It’s always happened to me. Only if I cry a lot, though. Gentle weeping pains me not. Maybe I’m just weird.

Well, if yer crying, then theorectically, yer upset.

Tension, perhaps?

I dunno - I’m not a real cryer myself…

I would think that prolonged tension of the facial muscles, as is involved in heavy-duty crying, can quite easily cause a headache.

Happens to me too. I think Trucido has the answer. Usually I can alleviate the pain somewhat by conciously trying to relax my face and jaw muscles.

I would chalk it up to sinus pressure. AFter all…when you cry, your nose starts to run. I thought of it as sinus pressure.

Another theory - increased blood flow. Your face gets red, so presumably there’s more blood flowing to your face, and thus whole head. Maybe it’s increased blood pressure. I’ve heard that people with high blood pressure often get headaches.

Actually, that makes more sense - upset, tension, crying, increased blood pressure = headache.