Why does eating popcorn cause my mouth to dry?

Subject says it all, really. I was eating unbuttered popcorn from my hot-air popper last night and it dehydrated me.



Next time you make some popcorn try this simple experiment:

[li]Fill a quart container with freshly popped corn[/li]
[li]Slowly pour in a measured quantity of cold water[/li]
[li]Stop when water begins to puddle in the bottom[/li]
[li]Note carefully the amount of water absorbed[/li]
Ponder the relationship between the experiment’s results and the resulting condition of your mouth after ingestion of said (unmoistened) popcorn

Following up on what Zenster said, I note that most of the answers to Life’s Puzzling Questions can be found in the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder:

Apparently, popcorn will suck the fluid off a trailer hitch – or something like that. It’s mighty darned absorbant is what I mean!

Another point you may wish to consider:
Popcorn dosen’t make your mouth water like an orange or a juicy steak.
Its lack of salivation.