Why does Johnny Cochrane have Fruit of Islam bodyguards?

Some years ago my local mall had an event where Johnny Cochrane spoke. I noticed that he was flanked by two bodyguards who looked like the usual Fruit of Islam bodyguards, bow-tied, shaven-headed, nearly seven feet tall. My question is, how can Cochrane have FOI bodyguards? Is he a member of Nation of Islam, or will the NOI assign bodyguards on request to non-NOI black figures?


According to this page, “Fruit of Islam” guards are a part of the Nation of Islam. Now, I’m only going by internet reports here, and I’m not American – but it looks like there’s no reason why Cochrane wouldn’t have Fruit of Islam guards.

Cochran’s in bed with Farrakhan! It’s a conspiracy! Sound the alarm!

My guess is that he pays them very, very well. Johnny is a high profile guy so it has the added bonus of giving the NOI some publicity. The guards are some bad ass guys so they make great body guards. Everyone benefits.


Why? Because Fruit of The Loom bodyguards would not have been half as impressive.

FOI Bodyguards are effective because nobody disrespects the Nation of Islam.

Nobody. :eek: