Why does my coffee taste like chlorine?

Easy answer: Because my water is chlorinated. Yeah, yeah, I know, but the thing is, our drinking water straight from the tap doesn’t have a noticeable chlorine taste.

I hadn’t brewed coffee for a while, because I was cutting back due to pregnancy. Upon the recent arrival of Whatsit the Youngest, I went to brew a pot and realized that the coffeemaker was broken. So we have a new coffee maker with a stainless steel carafe. I mention this only in case it is somehow relevant to the chlorine tasting coffee.

Is the only answer to brew my coffee with filtered water? I never had to do this before, but maybe they’re overchlorinating our tap water now or something.

Do you sweeten it with Splenda? I’ve heard some people complain they can taste chlorine in it.

Yeah, but I sweeten everything with Splenda and have for years, and I’ve never noticed a chlorine taste before.

I prepare the water in the coffeepot the evening before I brew the coffee, and leave the lid open. By morning, all traces of chlorine have vanished. I do the same thing with water for my indoor plants.

“I’ve heard” ( :dubious: ) of women’s taste buds becoming more sensitive or otherwise different after pregnancy. I certainly have no proof for this, so eliminate other, more likely possibilities.
Try starting with distilled water to see if it’s possibly the new caraffe.
Does the new unit have a built-in filter?