Why does my VCR hate Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

My VCR is a Panasonic PV-4561. Whenever I put the tape in, it ejects automatically. The tape is rewound and it happens whether the write-protect notch is open or closed. Other tapes work fine in the same VCR, and my Who Framed Roger Rabbit works fine in another deck (a Panasonic combo TV/VCR). I haven’t noticed anything physically wrong with the cassette.

Remove the cover from the Player, and observe as it is accepted into the machine. You might be able to see something happening that is causing it. Of course, sometimes a videotape will have a minor defect that certain decks are very sensitive to. If all else fails, you can always change the tape spools from that cassette into a different cassette’s cover…

Ahh, my little vidiot, you’ve made the classic mistake. You have attempted to insert a movie made pre-1995 into a Panasonic PV-4561. As any videophile knows, you have to own a Panasonic PV-6000 series to do this. <Cackle> :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, sorry, I needed some smiles today. The real answer is much more mundane. It has nothing to do with the fact that Robert Zemeckis directed the picture. The VHS cassette most likely has a short leader. Your PV-4561 might be a bit twitchy about how much leader it wants to “see” ( feel) in order to thread the videotape around the diagonally rotating video head, and commence playing. A very easy way to find out, is to place the tape into your Panasonic PV-4561 and fast forward it a few seconds. Then, hit play. If that unit won’t even let you FF that tape, then this is most surely the answer. Some units will not allow the tape to be moved in any way if the leader length is too short. Simply put it into your auxilliary VHS rewinder unit ( Typically a Uniden VHS-RW 3302 ) and hit FF instead of RW, and advance the tape a few feet in. That will allow your Panasonic PV-4561 to play the tape.

Always glad to stamp out ignorance. And, I take buttah on mah popcorn.


Oh, you got one of those Panasonic baskets (this is the part that you put that video into). They suck. What I do is I push the video in with my finger & keep pushing it until it sits & then 1mm more, thats all & it accepts it.

Really though I would suggest you do not put that video in & youre gonna find this happens with many more videos, this is the infamous Panasonic basket syndrome.


I thought it might be something like that… but even if I fast-forward the tape several minutes (using another VCR), it still comes right back out.


Yeah, this VCR does that too, but it happens for every tape. If I only push the tape far enough that the VCR sucks it in, it pops back out. I have to push it in all the way.

You guys got it all wrong. That particular machine was designed by a fundie christian engineer who doesn’t want people watching that scene.