Why does my vision improve when I yawn?

I’m nearsighted, I wear prescription lenses. I noticed today my vision seemed a little blurry in the mid-afternoon, even when i took my glasses off and cleaned them that didn’t really help – but I yawned, streched and my vision snapped back to normal. I noticed this before, years ago, before I first got my glasses that squinting and yawning were the only things that helped.

Why does yawning clear up my eyesight?

Because you squinted when you yawned. A smaller aperture focuses the light.

Like a pinhole camera.

How did squinting reduce the aperture of his/her pupil?

Squinting reduces the size of the aperture by clipping the top and bottom of the circular formed by the pupil, But, as he is nearsighted, closing his eyes hard also squeezes his eyes back somewhat, as the lids compress the front. This reshapes his eye more nearly to the correct shape, and better focus results.

I believe his eyelashes would obscure any portion of the already un-sizeable aperture of the pupil. Squint and see what happens. My eyes get blurry, and I have 20/15. I like your reshaping hypothesis, though.

If I merely squint my eyes, nothing happens to my vision.

But if I forcefully squint while staring straight ahead (reading print in bed late at night, for example), my vision is momentarily blurred, then focusses slightly as I continue to squint.

If I yawn a few times – or have a REALLY good yawn, where my jaw drops and I expel a long, heavy breath of air and I feel my neck muscles tighten, then relax – my eyes blur for a few seconds but as I open my eyes wide again, my vision is markedly improved afterwards. (I’m still nearsighted but I see out my much glasses better.)

If yawning focuses the light in my eyes, why is my vision improved only AFTER I yawn, not during?

Can you really ‘reshape’ your eyes? Does this mean eye exercises can really work?

Try this, with your index and thumb gently press the upper and lower eyelids, you´ll see how, if you´re short sighted, your vision improves remarkably.
As for the enduring improvements… I don´t know, perhaps when you yawn you relax your musculature, including the eyes? :dubious: