Why does my Wi-Fi shut off?

I lose my internet connection if I’m away from it for even a few minutes, and most of the time, anymore, I fiind that my wi-fi light has gone out. I can’t get reconnected without restarting the computer. This has gotten to where it is happening each time I use it, which is several times daily.
Its a dell latitude laptop, several years old.

What is your operating system?
What kind of wifi (router) do you have?
What is the model number of your Dell laptop?

The reason for asking is specific models/version numbers of the hardware/software may not play together well when the different update cycles clash.

For example, Windows 7 has a known wifi failure, and there are various workarounds to fixing it, depending upon the update cycles of firmware and other software.

perhaps your computer is set to turn off the nic when it’s not in use.

Well, I have Windows 7, its a Dell Latitude D430, and my router is from Verizon?
Not sure what the nic is…
Thank you, I’m grateful for any response. Damn the scorn of the SD computer savvy among you who wonder why I bring this here instead of figuring it out on my own.
I need help with this!!
Is this something Verizon could help with?
I automatically think, “My computer’s screwed, now I need a new one.”

start -> control panel --> power options —>change plan settings

look for wireless networking and set the power setting to always on or maximum performance (cant remember which term)

If its already set there


start-> R click on computer -->manage

in the left pane click device manager

expand the tree for network devices

R click on wireless network card

select properties

somewhere in these menus should be a checkbox labeled “allow windows to turn off this device to save power”

uncheck that box

if neither of those help, you may have a bad network card.

I am about to try this. Printing instructions now…

The card might be overheating and shutting itself down in response, which suggests either a dirty computer or a broken fan or something along those lines. (Or a bad network card itself!)

drachillix’s recommendation is very good, but it doesn’t always work. A simple search reveals the Win 7 wifi problem is well-known with no single answer. You may have try try several but be aware that any solution you find may fail days, weeks or months from now. I speak from experience.

Another possibility is that the WIFI router is going bad. If your radio (on the laptop) is still “on” but not receiving a signal from your router, but can see other networks, this could be the case.

It was the case for me prior to the death of my last router. Wired connections worked fine, but wi-fi connectivity was spotty, even within 10 feet of the router.