Why does New Hampshire skew Democrat?

I have friends in Vermont who characterize New Hampshire as basically the anti-Vermont. They paint it as a fairly conservative place, although I guess the “live free or die” ethos might make them better candidates for Libertarians than Republicans. But polls have them as solidly Democrat for the presidential election this year, and in 2004 they were more solidly Dem than Vermont. What’s the nature of this apparent disparity between their image and their voting record? And is this only true for the presidential ticket - do local elections skew a different direction?

Too many from MA moved north, escapeing the Commonwealth. Little did they know they brought their problems with them.

Where did you get this idea? New Hampshire in the 2004 Presidential race:
Kerry/Edwards 50.24%
Bush/Cheney 48.87%

Vermont in 2004:
Kerry/Edwards 58.94%
Bush//Cheney 38.80%

BTW, it is Democratic, not Democrat when describing the party. Calling it the Democrat Party stems by successful efforts by right wing radio to rebrand the party.

It sticks in my craw, too. The Republics should knock it off.

Here’s a thread from six weeks ago about NH being on the fence.

No one used the phrase “Democrat Party” so I’m not sure what you are referring to.

I was referring not to the results but to the polling trends. On this day in 2004, the polling map indicates that New Hampshire is “Strong Kerry” but Vermont is “Weak Kerry”. The same map in 2008 shows both as “Strong Obama”.

Anyone have any insight into how local politics compare in NH?

Do you have a link to the polls that showed that in 2004? It sounds like the pollster got their states transposed, since VT was always “Strong Kerry” back then.

Also, “Strong Kerry” sounds like a character from Homestar Runner.

NH is becoming less conservative; in part due to the southern part of the state turning into a distant suburb of Boston, and in part I suspect just due to being more connected with New England in general.
However, it remains much more conservative than Vermont; any data to the contrary I would examine carefully for errors or mistakes.

This. Especially in the southern part of the state.

LOL indeed! I linked it before but apparently I screwed up the url. Here it is again hopefully correct:


ETA: Looks like I screwed up doubly. NH was indeed Barely Kerry. I mixed up the states in my mind on the map. Sorry!