Why does no one ever order a "wet" martini?

…like the boid said…
Why does no one ever order a “wet” martini?


because like wine, the opposite of a dry martini is a sweet martini.


OK. I’ve never heard of anyone ordering a sweet martini either. My local makes dry martini’s by wiping the martini glass with a Vermouth soaked cloth, then filling the glass with gin. Why not just drink straight gin? Since I’m a tried and true beer drinker, I don’t understand the idea…does the vermouth make that much of a difference?

Exactly. There was a pretty good thread related to this several months ago. I made this exact point. Check it out here for several diverse opinions.


The answer was in an American Heritage article a few months ago.

When the martini as we know it was concocted, it went by a variety of names. There already was a combination called a martini, and eventually the newer version was called a “dry martini” to differentiate. Eventually, the older martini went out of fashion, leaving the origin high and dry.

"Why don’t we get you out of that dry bikini, and into a wet martini?"

Nope, just doesn’t ring quite true, not at all the same, but net results would appear equal in the end.
Regardless, nine out of ten boulevardiers still prefer:

"Let’s get you out of that wet bikini and into a dry martini, without further ado!"