Why does outlook express take so long to load on my PC?

OK, so first off, I know I don’t have any spyware or viruses. I regularly check for both of these, and have a firewall.

Basically, after I click on the outlook icon, it’s about five minutes before it’s completly loaded and I can actually check my email. The first thirty seconds it looks like nothing is happening, then the little blue ‘outlook express’ box will appear and stay for almost two minutes before the outlook window actually comes up. Then the window does appear, it’s not “all there”. That is to say, the window is there, but everything that goes in the window is not there until about another two minutes. Then I can finally go to my inbox to read my mail.

It’s been like this ever since I reformatted my HD about a year ago. Before that, it took less than a minute from click to email. I’ve defragged and the same thing happens, it’s not the internet connection, cause it’s done this on three seperate ISP’s, one local network, one DSL, and now a cable modem.

I would really like this problem solved, if it can be. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

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Not an answer, but another data point. On my old PC at work, I had the same issue with outlook express. It wasn’t five minutes, but the program took a loooong time from when I clicked on it until it came up. On mine, however, once it came up it came up complete.

Also, the first email I tried to send would also take a long time to come up. I’d hit “new”, wait maybe 30 seconds, and begin to compose. Every email after that came right up.

Are you using Outlook or Outlook Express? 'Cos I’ve often had this problem with Outlook XP - it’s a great big program and wants to do everything for you. That’s the only explanation I could ever find, anyway.

Uninstall, reinstall? Reformat hard drive?

(I switched to Outlook Express - doesn’t want to do half as much)

Perhaps some ideas here that you can sift through?

One thing I’ve noticed with Outlook Express is that it tends to bog down at startup if you store all your email in your inbox rather than sorting it into other folders. Outlook has to fill in that listbox with the title of every email, and that can take some time if there are thousands in there.

Of course, if you don’t keep all your email in your inbox then I don’t know what to tell you.