Why does snow pack better in warmer weather?

Question is in the title. In warmer weather - say, 30-45 degrees Fahrenheit, snow packs better than in, say, 10 degree weather. Why is that?

Moisture content. Compare packing dry and wet sand.

some of the snow has been transformed into liquid water, which is sticky compared to the dry snow crystals. the water content is the same, the form it is in has changed in proportion.

also the snow crystals are weaker and can be broken to pack tighter.

Hydrogen bonds, if I’m not mistaken.

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Snow packs by melting slightly and refreezing. When it’s too cold, the melting slightly step is more difficult.

And John is my middle name, if that helps.

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It is as simple as Chronos says, melting and refreezing. I recently disappointed my 3 year old grandson by failing to be able to build the promised snow man. The snow wasn’t wet enough. Oh, my father’s name was John.

I think it has something to do with water melting and refreezing. And my name is John.

Yeah, it’s wetter and stickier when it gets warm. My eldest son and my father-in-law are both named John, if that helps.

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