Why does the Prince of Monaco speak English with a North American accent?

Prince Albert II of Monaco. He speaks in a voice nearly indistinguishable from that of a Canadian. There is not the faintest trace of a European accent there.

His Wikipedia article says that he attended summer camp in America and spent a few years enrolled at Amherst College. Would this experience be enough to completely override any native accent with a neutral American/Canadian one? Or did he deliberately work at perfecting this accent?

Edit: apparently I missed that his mother was an American actress.:smack::smack::smack::smack::smack::smack::smack::smack::smack::smack:


This is why; he’s been an English speaker from birth.

It was kind of a big story at the time. :smiley:
I wish he had a really strong Philly/DelCo accent like his mother grew up around and pointedly made sure she didn’t retain.

Boy, talk about making me feel old…when I was a kid, all of the tabloids had the Monegasque royal family all over them. All 3 of the kids were just scandalous! And now Albert’s become a nebbishy, middle-aged baldy…at least tell me that Stephanie’s still a public scandal! :smiley:

Albert has looked like a CPA since he was in his 20s.

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Stéphanie_of_Monaco

She has been very [del]boring[/del] respectable for over a decade :frowning:

One of the minor arguments for retaining monarchy is that they perform a sort of national soap opera role. Stephanie hooking up with an elephant trainer and moving her family into his circus caravan is just the sort of thing that Harry and Meghan should be getting up to, quite frankly.

NM. I read the wiki wrong. :slight_smile:

His mother had a faux British influenced accent in the films I have seen.

Grace Kelly spoke with what is known as the Mid-Atlantic or Transatlantic accent, which was an affected accent spoken most commonly by the upper-middle and upper-class in the Northeast US, and emulated in many entertainment venues in the early 20th Century.

Not only that, but I once heard his father Rainier talking English in a documentary, and it was excellent.

Albert doesn’t have a mid-Atlantic accent though, he has what I would describe as a North-Midwestern American accent, almost like a Canadian accent. And very generic, not mannered or posh in any way. I watched some other videos of him, he seems extremely unpretentious and could pass as an average middle-class American easily.

Prince Albert was long believed to be gay, until it was revealed that he’d had two children with a flight attendant of western African descent. (AC/DC, perhaps?)