Why does the use of "homeland" bother me so much?

From a new National Intelligence Estimate:

Why say “homeland”?

Why not refer to the US as “the US”?

And why does this bother me so much? Is it the not-so-subtle fascistic undertones of “homeland”?

The “us against the world” mindset that it seems to engender?

What is it? Why do I mentally cringe when I hear this word?

Help me out here. I want to rant, but I’m not sure why this bothers me so much.

Homeland certainly sounds ethnocentric to me. In an immigrant country, a lot of us don’t consider the US to be our homeland or at least not our only homeland.

Because “Committee for State Security” was already spoken for.

The term “homeland” is creepily similar to “fatherland”.

And “motherland”, but PC enough to be non-sexist.

It bothers me because it was coined by usurpers and tyrants.

What’ll happen when America goes away to college?

What I come in to say. Then there’s reference to Homeland in the less offensive Edelweiss from The Sound of Music. Overtones of Nazi Germany, more precisely.

Theres a woman on CNN right now giving a press conference about this new report. Every other fucking word out of her mouth is “Homeland”. I was on my way to start a pit thread about it when I saw this one.

It’s a horrible word to introduce into modern political dialogue. I can’t wait until this shitty administration is out of power. Hopefully this fearmongering power trip they call foreign policy will change and the word will be phased out.

I sincerely hope that one of the first orders of business for the next administration will be to change the name of “Homeland Security.”

And I hope she eliminates it.

Perhaps to something like: Abteilung der Heimatland-Sicherheit?

I agree. I think they came up with the word to instill a sense of “us vs. them” mentality. Homeland has the word “home” in it and how dare “they” attack or threaten “us” in our own homes!
Bunch a crap people just seem to eat up.
And how very timely when the Dems are pushing for troop withdrawl and gathering momentum that the “National Intelligence” should just happen to come out with a report about how Al-Qaida has regrouped and is planning new attacks real, real soon.
I ain’t buying it.

It’s always made me think of Nazis as well.

Well, the report talked about al Qaeda regrouping in Pakistan, not Iraq, so why are you not buying it? This is really nothing new, as reports of al Qaeda consolidating things in North Waziristan have been coming out for quite some time from any number of sources.

Start your own thread, John Mace.

What about Hampshire?

You misspelled Hampshire. :wink:

Not my fault. My “John Mace” key sticks. Especially in political threads, for some reason.

It has always creeped me out. Sounds like it should be headed by the Reichmaster or something.