Why does water from a garden hose always seem to taste good?

Whenever I drink water directly from a garden hose it always seems to taste better than water from a kitchen faucet, or even bottled water. Does anyone else agree? I’m not sure why this is the case. Is it psychological, or might there be a physical explanation?

Surrounding circumstances might have something to do with it. When I drink from a garden hose, it’s generally when I’ve been working outside, am quite hot, and really want a drink badly. Beer from the fridge tastes better under those circumstances too.

I have noticed that as well. In addition, I used to have a tin cup that I loved to drink out of, the water always seemed to be more refreshing from it.

I found it tastes nasty unless you let it run for a bit. Then you get the “extra refreshing” “coolth”. My first guess would be the same as SlyFrog. One more possibility- generally, the water from your faucet runs through less household pipes than your tap water. This could effect the tatse.

It tastes better because it is flavored with the excretions of molds and other organisms. The warm moist environment of a hose is an ideal breeding ground for all kinds of nasty organisms. Drinking from a hose is a good way to get sick.

I thought I read somewhere on this board not to long ago, that aerating the water effects the taste. Possibly the difference is because the water out of the hose isn’t aerated.

Personally, I think water from the hose tastes like ass. But maybe that’s just me.
For me, it seems to have a more metallic or maybe even rubbery taste.

I’ll bet on the psychological aspect. Water from the hose may trigger subliminal feelings of when you were just a little scamp and after playing your butt off, your thirst was quenched via the means most available, and your life didn’t involve taxes, jobs, bills, and everything else that clutters adulthood. :wink:

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This might be a slight hijack. When you are hot and tired, do you know what is even better than drinking from the hose, better than a cold shower and even better than drinking a cold beer?

Drinking a cold beer in the cold shower .

Cub Hubby says this is heaven. I am spreading the gospel.

It is the lead that leaches from the garden hose into the water.

Plastic or rubber garden hose has lead? Cite?

Lead and other nasty stuff.

From here

And from here

That’s why you let the water run.

To push out the water with the bad stuff in it.


Drinking a little water from a garden hose is not harmful unless that’s all you drink out of. If that was the case, then I’d worry about illness.

Cub Hubby does not lie. I started drinking beer in the shower this past year and find it very refreshing. Of course, this was my last year of college and I found ways of drinking as much beer as possible. All the time. I had a lot of fun (and headaches).

I don’t drink from garden hoses.
However, I’ve found that cold water from a bathroom sink is always nice and tasty. Not so that from the kitchen faucet. Can anyone explain this one?

When I was a kid, working in the yard on a hot day, I used to like to drink out of the hose. Then a Stupid Adult caught me doing it and explained how gross it is. There could be all sorts of nastiness in that hose. Then, he unsrewed this filter-type thing from the end of the hose and sure enough, there were some grub-like things living in there.

To appease the Stupid Adult, I said, “eww, gross! I’ll never drink out of a hose again!”

But secretly inside, I was thinking, “so what? I let the water run first. Ain’t gonna kill me. Don’t some people actually eat bugs?”

Pythian Habenero - in our house, at least, the kitchen faucet is the only inside faucet that gets cold water straight from the hard city water supply. All the other faucets indoors get cold water from the water softener. It is arranged this way so that your regular drinking water from the kitchen sink is not high in sodium.