Why does WIN7 action center continue to alert me to backup my system after its done?

I had the little white flag on my taskbar telling me I should backup my system. I have an external harddrive and just finished a system backup. Checked the external drive and everything is there. Rebooted laptop. White flag is still telling me to perform a backup. Why? Make it stop.

What backup software are you using? Older software might not be smart enough to tell Windows the backup was completed.

Its the Windows 7 backup utility. New external HD. Plugged in and windows did the backup but action center still recommends doing a system backup.

Hm that is odd then.

If you go to the Backup and Restore control panel, does it show any errors?

I have heard this about Windows 7 Backup and Restore. It has been suggested that they want you to do scheduled backups, and that only scheduled backups get time-tracked.

From my own experience, I am prepared to back up Quintas’ assertion that Windows 7 still displays the alert telling you to backup even after you backup with Window Backup.