Why does zinc cause nausea?

I took a zinc pill on an empty stomach at six o’clock this morning and I’m STILL feeling pangs of nausea from it.

I’m an idiot, because I knew it would happen, because I’ve taken zinc on an empty stomach before and had the same results each time. But I was like “eh, YOLO, it won’t be that bad.” How quickly one forgets.

Why does zinc (on an empty stomach) cause such nausea?

(It also makes me quite gassy [belching] and causes sudden urges to take dumps.)

In my research I have concluded that the scientific community doesn’t know jack about the mechanisms of nausea, why it appears, why it disappears, nothin’.

There are emotional, mental, and physical aspects, and they are all shrouded in mystery.

I’m waiting for the breakthrough that will let me ride the roller coaster again.