Why doesn't X come with Y?

Why don’t Christmas ornaments come with hooks? I just spent half an hour going from store to store trying to find some, after we couldn’t put up half of our ornaments last night.

In case you’re wondering why I didn’t know this, it’s our first Christmas that we (my girlfriend and I) have celebrated seperate from our family. I guess our parents always had the hooks, so we didn’t think about it. Damn annoying though.

Any little omissions that just bug the crap out of you?

Here’s a possible chain of reasoning, in your case:

  • A lot of christmas ornaments purchased are replacements.

  • Old hooks rarely wear out, so the hooks from old ornaments can be used with new ornaments.

  • Someone who already has plenty of hooks doesn’t want to get more, while someone who doesn’t can buy them seperately, if they remember to.
    Not sure if that’s the reason, but it actually makes some sense. As long as you can find a place that does sell hooks seperately, of course.

I don’t use those hooks myself. I tie them on with curling ribbon.

So did you finally find some? If not, you can unbend a paper clip so it’s S shaped and use it as a hook.

I found one package of them at Hallmark, and then some gold… well, it’s thicker than thread, but thinner than yarn, and shiny. So between those two items, I should be able to get them hung… Have to wait for the gf to get home, though.

My husband and I found ourselves in the same position when decorating our first Christmas tree. We had little money so we’d gone to Kmart and bought a bunch of very cheap ornaments. It was late on a Friday night when we discovered we had no hooks, and rather than go back to the store my husband rummaged through his toolbox and found a bundle of colored wire and we wired all of the ornaments to the tree. For several years, whenever we unpacked our Christmas decorations and found those cheap ornaments with the dangling wires it would remind us of our first Christmas.

You use different length hooks for different length needles. The ornements tarnish or paint rubs off with a hook against them in transit and storage.

When my mom and dad had their first Christmas together, Dad made a star for the top of the tree by cutting out a star pattern in cardboard, putting a wire through it, and covering it with aluminum foil.

Mom still has it and we use it every Christmas.

My X did come with a Y. It’s why I scratch in public and never ask for directions.

Wow, I found them at the dollar store. All different colors and sizes, too. Never knew they were hard to find!

My brother uses paper clips to hang up Keystone Light cans on his Christmas tree in the garage.

Actually they work pretty well, I would suggest these as well.

I used paper clips my first Christmas out on my own because I didn’t realize this was a problem either. The following year I got a box of hooks so now I can tell which ornaments I had the first year and which ones I bought after that.

(Just letting people know this isn’t a hijack.)

Printers and printer cables.

Everything else I buy to plug into my computer comes with a cable. Not printers.