Why don't military operations have cryptic names any more?

The Iraq war and it’s aftermath come to mind.

We can’t conquer them without a ground war, and Iran hasn’t been weakened to a shadow by years of sanctions following losing a war. Iran is also much larger.

NK has a large amount of artillery near the border, and can kill lots of troops and civilians, no matter what the Navy does.

We thought we could, that’s why we attacked them.

I’m afraid I don’t have the time to address each and every one of the 300 or so million American individually. That’s the point of don’t-use-a-broad-brush arguments like yours, of course; it makes it rather difficult to criticize any large organization, and helps support the “just a few bad apples” excuse.

I didn’t answer your questions because I was tired, about to go to sleep, and you weren’t putting words in my mouth and therefore didn’t require immediete refutation.

Can I strongly suggest you turn it down a few notches. Even a phrase like, “This Administration and all of it supporters …” Might at least let people take your statement seriously. When you blast every resident of the US or any other country at once, you lose most of the people you are talking to.
Going back to you original post in this thread. If you had kept it to.

many people would have either agreed with you or at least seen some merit in your opinion. When you added:

and then

You lose the ability to be treated seriously. Do you really believe every American is a bully, if not try to find a way to express yourself better.
As I said, I think the Iraq war had little to do with the fight against terror and everything to do with other issues that concerned the current administration and the Presidents Father. If it was a fight against terror, we would have followed up Afghanistan with Syria and maybe Iran.


So…when are you moving out, you bully, you coward? I’ll be happy to pack your suitcase for you.

Oops, sent too soon.
I meant to add, thank you for completely de-railing a potentially interesting thread. The OP probably should’ve been made in GQ where we could metaphorically sit around our little table and discuss (or, in my case, listen) twiddly little issues.
However, Der Trihs, you walked up to our table, hopped up and dropped your pants and shat on the tablecloth. Thank you for dragging your hateful attitude in to the room and dropping it like a mud log on our laps.

It is so fascinting to me that you apparently continue to live in America, despite these horrendous flaws that you see. Is there a reason that you are still here? Is there a country you would prefer, that is not full of evil torturers, rapists, and child molesters? And why is it that you haven’t moved to it, wherever it might be?

Do you really think the “Love it or Leave” post has any merit? Now Der Trihs can ignore the real debate going on and focus on yours.
As far as the Hijack, though Der Trihs started it, myself and many other took up the new debate. For that I apologize.