Poll: Operation <what?>

Inspired by this thread, what do you think the impending war on Iraq will be called? In U.S. military speak, that is, i.e. Operation <fill in the blank>.

1991: Desert shield, Desert Storm

2002: Enduring Freedom (I think)

2003: Operation __________________.

Winner gets nothing, 'cept maybe a visit from Homeland Security goons asking you how come you spilled the beans.

I thought it was Operation Noble Eagle?

Operation Ass Kicking

Operation Grudge Match.

Operation Lone Wolf

Operation Apocolypse Now

Operation F*** Saddam (or should that be “Saddam F***”)

Operation Oil Strike

Operation Boomstick

Operation Hail to the King

Yes, I watch too many movies, why do you ask?

Ones that make no sense whatsoever, but no one would ever imagine they had to do with Iraq.

Operation Pengiun

Operation Shop Smart! Shop S-mart!

(puts on his tomato proof suit).

Apparently, the UK’s contribution to this … whatever you care to call it … is known as Operation Telic. “Telic” not being a word in most squaddies’ vocabulary, it’s rumoured that this is an acronym for Tell Everyone Leave Is Cancelled, or Tinpot Evangelist Leads Islamic Crusade. (Source: Private Eye)


I thought we did this already.

I stick by my earlier nomination:

Operation Desert W. Storm

Operation Wipeout.

KneadToKnow, I read the first line of your post and my eyes went down to your signature ~Yep, we’re doin’ it again…:smiley:

Holy shit, somebody reads my posts? :eek:

Damn. Wish I’d thought of that…

Operation Unintended Consequences:(

Operation Who’s your Daddy?

Operation Impending Doom I

“I put the fires out.”
“You made them worse!”
“Worse… or better?” --Zim and the Tallest

Operation War Prevention (see quote below)

We also played the operation name game in this thread.

Operation Let’s Make the Oilmen Even Richer

Operation Sins of the Father
Operation Son of a Gun
Operation Outdo Dad

A few thoughts:

Operation Manhattan
Operation New York
Operation Revenge
Operation Justice