Hey kids, it's the "Name the new USA military Operation game"

Yup. George got the go ahead from Congress to attack Iraq when he feels like it. So I figure George is going to need a spiffy new name for the next Operation:Whatever.

I figure there is enough smarts here to come up with a good name.

I’ll start.

I kind of like WW,.W

My friend thinks it sould be called Operation: Strategery in the dessert

My all time fave was used in Panama. Operation Just Cause. Short for Just 'cause we can!

How about Strike Back the Evil Empire?
Operation Just des[s]erts.

Operation Avenging Father.

I like Operation Look What I Did that you Didn’t, Daddy!

We got one of these going in MPSIMS, already.

My name is Inigo Montoya. You tried to kill my father. Prepare to almost die.

This one is better though :wink:

I swore I looked for one before I started this thread. Really I did.

I like ** Purd Werfect’s**, but if I have to come up with my own, let’s be honest and direct:

** Operation ‘this is a big fucking mistake’ **

Well, if we were goin’ nucular, I’d say just call it Operation Desert, but since our quarrel is with Saddam and not the Iraqi people, whom the hope is will wind up better off, I propose Operation Take a Ba’th.

Operation Sodomize Saddam

Operation This Sucks

Operation Sand Dance

Operation General Electric Precision Ordinance Field Test No. 57

Operation Bush vs Husseins II: The Son of The Mother of all Battles

Operation Vac-u-suck
Operation Desert Camel
Operation Saddam-ized

Operation Didn’t We Already Do This?

Operation Bushwhacker

Operation What If They Had A War And Nobody Came?

See. I knew our thread was gunna be better then the silly MPSIMS thread. heh heh.

You’d think the Pentagon would have the decency to consult the dopers first.


I thought that Tom Clancy had been placed in charge of naming military operations ever since “Operation Desert Shield”.

Operation “Ooops! Was that the UN I just trod on!”


Operation: Is our bombs dropping?

Operation Butt**** Saddam.

Age of Empires III. Or is that already taken?