Why dont police hand their guns over?

Not sure if this is the best suited to MPSIMS but why wouldn’t a police officer hand his gun to his partner when there is a situation involving a tussle or on the ground situation. If Cop A needs to do some kind of forceful takedown, why couldn’t Cop B hold his gun for him? This would surely eliminate a lot of the “he went for my gun” instances.

*obviously cops aren’t always in a group or pair. But when they are in a situation like the LAPD homeless shooting http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/03/us/who-is-lapd-shooting-man-shot/

Will the suspect agree to wait until the officer hands his weapon to another PO?

Will the suspect agree not to physically attack the now unarmed PO?

Will the hostile crowd of onlookers agree not to attack the unarmed PO?

Who are they handing it to? Now the gun holder is completely useless to do anything other than hold the gun. Try subduing someone who truly doesn’t want to be subdued. I don’t mean your friend who is going to give up as soon as they have some discomfort. When subduing a combative person 2 is better than 1 and 3 is even better. When I’m getting my ass kicked I don’t want someone standing there as my squire. I want him to be able to jump in.

Where is he going to put the gun? Now he has an exposed gun in his hand. Is he going to walk away and leave his partner?

Modern weapons retention holsters will keep most away from the officer’s gun. Although about 10% of police murders happen with their own gun. it is much safer to hold on to it and have both officers subdue and handcuff the suspect as quickly as possible.

All of the above and also often things go south too quickly and unexpectedly for the officer to take the time to unholster, unclip and pass their firearm to their colleague even if s/he had a mind to do so.

Not to mention most people don’t like having a loaded gun handed to them in the first place, especially in the heat of the moment and when you have no idea what condition it is in.

Because it looks really unprofessional.

Excuse me while I whip this out.

Hey Loach hold my weapon for a second…

Sounds of crashing

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I suspect (quite strongly) that a situation where the cop would have time to hand his weapon to his partner only ever occurs on TV shows.

Sounds like the equivalent of “Here, hold my beer…”

Most common 4 last words of dead rednecks.

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“Shoot, that ain’t nothing. Watch this!”

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What a tremendously stupid idea (OP).

Disarming himself in the middle of a dangerous situation would make the cop Darwin Award material.

You’re joking, right?

If not, may I suggest you stick to things you actually know something about, whatever the hell that may be. :rolleyes:

The very act of handing over the gun is itself risky, an opportunity for a crook to seize the gun.