Why Don't Rear Windows In Some Cars Not Roll Down All The Way?

I doubt it. If the window is in a position to act as a guillotine, you have bigger things to worry about. Also, the window will break more easily if it’s halfway down, because it will act as a cantilever instead of as a simply supported beam. If my head is what’s going to be breaking the window, I’d want it partially down, personally.

True, but those have a switch inside the door jam that allows you to turn it off.

I owned a Toyota Corolla with rear doors that could be set so that they could not open from the inside. It was never mentioned by the salesman, and I never read the f’n manual. The second day that I had the car, I picked up a young, female hitchhiker whose car was broken down. I pulled over to let her out when I reached my turn. I looked in the rearview mirror, wondering why she hadn’t gotten out yet, and there was a look of terror on her face. I can imagine what she was thinking. I eventually got out, opened the door, she got out and jogged a ways down the road.

Heh, that’s actually pretty common now (the child locks, not the hitchhiker part!)

To be fair, that coil of rope and roll of duct tape in your hands would have made me nervous, too.

I remember cars whose rear windows went completely into the door, circa 1974. It’s probably not a coincidence that the current practice started around the time when manufacturers started taking fuel economy seriously.

The rear windows on my 08 Mazdaspeed3 go all the way down, I actually checked on this fact before purchasing one. I wonder if the manufacturers realize this is a selling point for some people?

It is a selling point for me. It’s obviously not as important as price or mileage or other stuff on the car, but I won’t buy a car that I can’t roll the back windows down.

But, but, what about the children?