Why don't (some) U.S. military things have names anymore?

Used to be the case that (almost) every U.S. missile had a name, for instance - Harpoon, Javelin, Stinger, Pershing, Sidewinder, Minuteman, Sparrow, Maverick, Tomahawk, etc.

But nowadays, they’re acronyms - JSOW, LRASM, JASSM, AMRAAM, THAAD, PrSM, JATM, etc.

Did the DoD get tired of coming up with names, or like a more ‘technical’ nomenclature?

Some of the boring names, like ASROC (1950s), TOW (1970), ALCM/SRAM/SCAD (1974) have been around for a while, or at least the design phase. I think it’s possibly a factor of the times. At one point, people followed the development of new weapons technology and were sold to the public consciousness as well as to the government. Now, I don’t think many people care about new weapons systems or their nicknames.

AMRAAM, JDAM, THAAD etc at least have the benefit of being pronounced acronyms which reduced scope for names. AMRAAM=“Ahm Rahm”, JDAM= “Jay Damn”, THAAD=“Th Ad”.