why don't "value added resellers" sell cheap and sell consulting services?

I have read about how these resellers are pissed off at Amazon for selling cheap after they have explained things to the alleged potential customer. Well, so why don’t they get with the program, sell at a price that would reflect only shipping and bulk purchase savings and make money from consulting potential customers for money? A lot of the teaching could probably be done online. So perhaps Amazon could incorporate a marketplace for online gadget consultants regularly holding paid seminars on the inns-and-outs of products they know about as well as answering forum questions etc.

And the stuff that cannot be done online or using a video camera would be done by the same reseller guy at the store, for a fee. Of course, if this guy is not too busy with helping customers in person, he could spend a lot of his time online as one of those consultants in teleconference.

Has there been progress in this direction? Are there good online seminars and other forms of paid, competent help for people making purchasing decisions? Has such service become commoditized or that’s still in the future?

Can’t picture paid informational seminars taking off when people can get reviews of products from other consumers for free. You can google any product and find a wealth of consumer reviews or often comparisons between products for a group too.

Bobalude, should your comment be understood as refutation of the claims of the “value added resellers”? Do you want to say that there is no real value being added by them in the first place and so not much is lost when they go belly up?