Why don't you just wave the dollar bills in my face?! (silly)

A friend of my mom’s is a car wholesaler. They ‘hired’ me to help them transport vehicles from various lots. I really enjoy the job, since I get to drive all kinds of cars, and I get paid 15 bucks per trip.

The fact is, this job winds up paying more per hour than my other three part-time jobs. That means that if I had a choice, I’d spend the day moving cars, since I would make more money. Ironically, the job is also very easy, since its just driving around. So why am I pitting this job?

Because its kind of like being ‘on call’ all the time. I don’t get any advance notice about it- my cell phone will ring and my mom’s friend will ask “hey can you move cars today?” the frustrating thing is that she never seems to need my help when I am available. :mad:

Deliberately leaving one day free also won’t work, because just my luck I won’t be needed that day, and will miss out making money working at my other job(s). Last week I even had a day where all four of my employers called me asking if I could work extra :eek: I wish I could, if I were physically capable of being in four places at the same time! :frowning:

Clearly, the solution to your problem is to get another job. Or perhaps two. Then, call up the folks at Guiness Book of World Records, whom I’m sure will be interested in the story of the Man With 1,274 Jobs. Then, you take the money they give you, use it to buy out one of your current employers, and live off the profits of that investment.

I’m kidding, of course. I think it’s cool that you’re willing to work as hard as you do. But…dude…seriously…you have an assload of jobs. Really.

If you like driving, have you considered a trucking school? Always seems to be plenty of full-time jobs for commercial truck drivers…

Well, as Roland already mentioned, the problem with that is that it would cut into my jobs :wink:

Its actually not as bad as it sounds. Imagine instead of one 40 hour/week job, you have four 10 hour/week jobs- spending 2 hours on each job per day on average. The advantage of working multiple small jobs is that if I want to work on any given day, I know I can call a manager/dispatcher/etc and tell them I’m available, and put a little more meat on one of my paychecks. I also have a nearly constant cashflow- I get paid about every 4 days if you factor all the jobs and how all the pay periods mesh with each other. Also, it would be very rare that I would lose more than one of the jobs at a time. As I have been steadily acquiring new jobs over the months, the workload just not increase by huge amounts.

I would say the main downside is all the phone calls I have to make. I had to call four people just to get this weekend off to go on a fishing trip with my dad. Thus, it swings both ways- I have multiple layers of job security, but it is a pain in the ass to get a day off when I need one :stuck_out_tongue: