Why glass bath scales?

I recently went shopping for new bathroom scales. I found that most of the current models have a platform made of glass.


All I could envision was either slipping on the glass with wet feet, or having the glass break and shatter beneath me. There is at least one person who has experienced this.

Is this just a fashion thing or is there some practical purpose to this?
If they just want the clear, floating look, why not use some kind of tough, clear plastic?

Anyone have any insight into this?

Glass is very hard - i.e. it doesn’t scratch easily. It’s much harder than any plastics or metals. (Which is why high-end smartphones have glass screens.) Also, glass doesn’t discolor over time, doesn’t stain easily, and is easy to clean.

Marble and granite also have these qualities (which is why they are used for floors and countertops), but they aren’t as strong as glass, and I think they are more expensive.

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It’s purely aesthetic. For that type of application I would expect the material to be tempered or laminated. Tempered glass is a strange thing. It’s super strong but it’s under pressure so stressing a tiny imperfection can cause it to basically explode. This is extremely rare and requires very specific conditions to be met, but even if it happens, the glass will separate into relatively rounded pieces that are generally not razor sharp like untempered glass shards would be.

As to why glass and not plastic, my WAG is simple perceived value.

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