Why has trading on Google been halted?

I got back from my morning meeting and went online to see how Google’s (GOOG) first day on the Nasdaq was going, but my real-time quote says trading was halted! I can’t seem to find any news articles indicating why… anyone got their finger on wall street’s pulse?

Yahoo News said that shares are expected to start trading at 11:30am, so it’s not that trading was halted, but that it hasn’t yet begun.

Why wouldn’t they just open in the morning like the rest of the markets?

There it goes, up 65% to 140 right off the bat. DAMN!

AAAH - I am so confused. What is going on now? Is this all just shady stuff going on, or might there be a ligitimate explanation for this?

Doesn’t appear to be a big deal.

Google debuts with minor glitch.