Why hasn’t the War on Drugs shut down musical instrument stores?

Seriously, they’re like crack dealers. Mrs. Devil and I were on our way food shopping last night, when the brightly lit storefront somehow caught our attention. Maybe it was the ‘brightly’ bit. Maybe it wasn’t so bright; maybe it didn’t need to be, relying on the addiction to draw in the crowds. I don’t know.

But an hour or so later (like similar dens of ill repute, exact times are hard to come by), we’re shamefully heading back to the van … having given up food for a new cajon.

It’s a beautiful work of art with a rich and delicate sound. Most of my rhythms are pickup or traditional African (djembe), so exploring this will be quite a journey — even getting a feel for the technique promises to be quite a joy.

Of course, there are two of us, so it looks like there’s another trip in our future…

Anyone else feed their addiction lately?

I’m both broke and instrumentally untalented, but I get a contact high just walking in one of those places.

Yup. I could adequately play the sax and guitar in high school. Today, probably not. But I still go into a near-autistic fugue when I walk into a good music store…all I can see or think is “Buttons!” “Strings!” “Valves!” “Keys!” “Shiny!” I’m much more fascinated by the orchestral instruments than the guitars.

I can’t play probably 95% of anything, but I still just “Ooooh!”

Bought a new guitar amp (a Peavey Vypyr) last month. My old practice amp had croaked, and my local music store (which is also my music school) had it on a pretty good sale price.

Pun intended?

E visits a musical instrument store

Uh…yeah! Totally intended! Sure!