Why hasn't the U.S. Poker Championships been on TV the last few years

The US Poker Championships hasn’t been on since 2007 (or so). Were ratings that bad? It was played, so it wasn’t cancelled.

Because it’s boring as all get out. :smiley:

Televised poker is like televised baseball - it has its exciting moments, but is otherwise a long slow dragged-out process that commenters feel the need to fill with vapid commentary. Plus poker has a disadvantage in that the games are edited for broadcast. A baseball game can end at any ol’ time, but if a poker show is scheduled to run from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. and it’s 8:55, you can safely bet that you’re watching the last hand. This tends to dampen the tension, somewhat.

It is boring, which is why people don’t watch it, and it won’t make money for the TV stations and networks.

ESPN and ESPN2 still show a lot of poker.

and imagine if they only showed every fifth pitch in baseball, because you’re not gettting every hand b/c most of them are players just folding.

the televised poker boom is greatly decreased, the the World Series found espn broadcasting far fewer events than just a few years ago. It’s still cheap to produce and gets ratings hence the 14,000 replays but like NASCAR it’s seen its apex.

the US Champ. has even less marquee recognition.

They needed to make room on the schedule for 18 hours of bull riding.

Yeah, they sit there, absolutely stone-faced, no emotion, no joy at a good hand,no nuthin’. :wink:

OP: Are you absolutely sure they don’t show it on TV anymore? I know it used to be shown ridiculously early on Sundays. Not the most popular time slot I imagine, so perhaps you were simply missing it?

It occurs to me that watching poker can be incredibly tedious for the same reason as watching high-level billiards (or NASCAR, for that matter). At that skill level, the players are very mechanical and not prone to interesting errors that lead to amusing disasters. The movies make poker, billiards and car racing out to be a constant battle of style, with fireworks moments coming regularly where in order to win, the hero must get a straight flush, make a quadruple-bank-shot or recover from a tire-screeching spinout that sends ten other cars into a spectacular pile-up. The reality is far more mundane.

Heck, I kinda figure poker shows might continue on TV regardless of the ratings, if the various poker websites just admit that they’re little more than infomercials and advertising.

I’m sure ONLY because I haven’t stumbled on reruns of it. BTW, I checked Wikipedia, and didn’t recognize the last 3 or 4 winners.