Why haven't these books been made into movies?

Ask and ye shall receive.

Another parody was also created-no idea about quality. The Ring Thing (2004) - IMDb

Er, no. I was thinking about a parody of an Ayn Rand novel, a parody along the same lines as the existing Bored of the Rings.

Your wait is over; the project morphed into a limited series and premieres on Hulu on April 28th.

I just watched 10 minutes of this, and what the hell did I just watch? :sweat_smile:

It seems like less of the original bored of the rings book, and more of a straight reenactment of the movies, plus cursing and general crudeness.

Best I can do on short notice. Atlas Shrugged Parody - YouTube

I gave up on the series long ago, but my first thought on reading 1632 was that it would make a heck of a movie.

Too big. It needs to be a multi-year series on Amazon or HBO+, with a budget to match. Not GoT big, but big enough to render things like the Battle of Grantville properly. Not to mention all the CGI needed to do the Battle of Vienna! But yeah, that one is a rich source of material for the big screen.

OK here’s what i think would be an interesting book idea to adapt into a TV show for a streaming service:

The “Choose Your Own Adventure” series. I am NOT sure if it would work but it would be something different to try.

Disney did something similar with a studio audience.

I’d still like to see them do a version of Frederick Forsyth’s The Devil’s Alternative as a miniseries. Now it would be an alternate-history thing about a fictional post-Brezhnev Soviet leader.

This is one I’ve wished for too. Super scary, a real sense of finality. But without jump scares or, you know, carnivorous aliens hunting down individuals. No, it’s on a planetary scale, what they did to the Earth. Would be a real eye-opener for most of the public, what a real visit by Von Neumann type robots could be like.

Youtuber Markiplier did something similar:

The first video here:

Another “Choose Your Own Adventure”-inspired show is Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs the Reverend”

And there was an episode of Black Mirror where you choose which way the plot goes with your remote. I think the first choice was “Cornflakes? Left button. Rice Krispies? Right button.”

It’s worth seeing, it would be a well-acted episode even without the choices.

Yes. One short story.

He also co-wrote the script for a movie, but probably doesn’t counht. It isn’t a film made from one of his books.

That’s about it.


There’s a billion properties that either haven’t been done or not done right. (CoughIAMLEGENDcough)

GImme 500 million dollars and I’ll do The Puppet Masters right off the page. Crazy nudity included. I’ll even bring back Donald Sutherland if he’s game.

Actually, a novella is right about the right length for a feature film; a full-length novel has to have a lot of stuff cut out to make it fit into the 2ish-hour format of most movies. So Penric’s Demon would be pretty cool - though the others have a lot more action. The only trouble with those is that you really need to have the background knowledge of the world. Maybe that could be imparted via a crawl at the beginning (“A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…”).

I do think Penric’s Mission and Mira’s Last Dance, combined, would be a good choice in terms of action, relationship-building, etc.

Side note: I’ve listed to a few of the series via Audible, as some of them are included in the subscription. The narrator is truly not good - makes no differentiation between characters when speaking. I’d always thought that they could have fun with Desdemona’s voice: just add a bit of reverb when it’s Des speaking versus Penric.

I still want to see Fredric Brown’s Arena done right. Now with CGI you can do it.

Yes. Forge of God is a book I’d love to see too. And its sequel, Anvil of Stars. Also, Blood Music by Greg Bear.