Why haven't these books been made into movies?

Yes, but note, it wasnt until 1921 that the Times exposed it as a fake, and Ford printed it a year earlier. Many people thought it was real.

Some morons still do.

See “Ford: The Man and the Machine”, a made-for-TV movie from 1987. I can’t vouch for the accuracy, but the three reviews in IMDB are generally favorable.

I’ve been waiting since 2011 for Under the Banner of Heaven.

That will be very controversial. Good book, tho.

One of my favorite series of stories. Kind of ‘Bladerunner meets Altered Carbon’.

Or any Niven, but I love the idea of doing the whole Known Space series. Maybe different directors/studios for each…

That’s what I was thinking. Big Netflix series.

Great book, have trouble seeing it as a movie, what with the switching back and forth between Mormon history and the modern storyline. A well done miniseries would work well and get across Krakauer’s message about the dangers of religious extremism, particularly if updated for political extremism.

Allen Steele’s “Coyote” book series would make great TV.