why hide a tattoo?

i mean why get one if you got to hide it?

Well, it can be tough to get a job at the deli if you have “Aryan Brotherhood” tattooed on your forehead.

I’m all set up for big retirement income from Jackmannii’s One-Stop Laser Tattoo Removal (there will be kiosks in all the major shopping malls).

This is seriously a question? Because even if a person likes his tattoo, his parents/bosses/minister may look down on him because of it.

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I’m not sure there’s a factual answer to this question (and I’ve suggested to the mods that the forum be changed), but it’s easy to imagine that people might want to adopt different personas, either at different eras in their life or in different spheres of their life. These different eras and different spheres might have differing opinions on whether tattoos are acceptable.

What do you mean by “hide”? Ordinarily covered by clothing? By a longsleeve shirt? By gloves? An Anonymous mask?

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

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Why get one if you’ve got to hide it? 'Cause it looks badass when it does accidentally show a bit.

It’s like boobies.

My guess is more along the lines of why do people get tattoos in areas that you can’t really show them? For example, plenty of women get bikini line tattoos, and all sorts of people get ass tattoos, but you can’t really show them, so why get them?

(ultimately, the question is why get a tattoo just for yourself, I believe)

Yeah, doing stuff for yourself is crazy, right?


Women show their bikini line tattoos all the time.

Just not to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I neither hide nor expose my tattoo. I had it drawn on my back because that’s where I wanted the picture. I didn’t get it for you, him, her, or anyone else. I got it because it means something to me and it fits on my back.

If you don’t like tattoo’s, here a tip - don’t get one.

i worked with a guy who had ‘HATE’ and 'LOVE" on his knuckles. he took to wearing half glove things.

society as such won’t accept . go to asia and you have ink on your body you can’t get a job unless you hide it.

there is a distinct black paint brush to go with this as in sterotypes.

if you are a celebrity not a problem. but do you really want ‘brad was here’ tattooed on yourinside thigh" ?

to expand what tats do you have?

I think the main point is that some people like tattoos but understand there is still a stigma associated with them.

I don’t know any Indian girls who have a tattoo. I’m sure they are out there, but I’ve never met one. So I got a subtle, small tattoo, that I can hide if need be.

Hell, I don’t understand back tattoos - you can’t even see them! but that’s their choice, isn’t it?

I worried about that when I got mine, but I’ve been surprised how often it catches my eye when I get out of the shower and when it does, it reminds me of why I got it.

That makes sense! (No sarcasm, really!)

And those that you share that part of your body with. That sort of tattoo has an intimacy and personal meaning that “generic Chinese word tattoo’d on forearm” lacks.

But why do people hide tattoos? Because many people recognize that success can be found by donning costumes. Costumes for work, costumes that attract the opposite sex, costumes for buying a car - and a different one when you buy a motorcycle. Costumes if you have to go to court or talk to your kid’s principal. Costumes when you visit grandma. The tattoo might not be appropriate visiting grandma, or talking about your kid’s disciplinary issues with the principal - but it might just be the thing you want to flash when attracting the opposite sex or working certain jobs (other jobs - hide the tattoo - still a bad choice for an attorney arguing in front of a judge).

I don’t attempt to cover any of mine (and the one behind my ear is somewhat difficult to hide); however, I understand why there are reasons to cover them. A coworker is required to wear long sleeves or bandage the naked lady tattoo on his forearm, as it was deemed inappropriate in a court setting by our employer.
If any of mine could be construed offensive (content-wise), I would make an effort to cover them. I would not cover them just because someone doesn’t like tattoos.