Why I Hate This Time of Year: An Essay

Now, now, Johnny dear.

You are still trying to get to Seattle or Bellingham, hon, did you forget?


I don’t know, but I get to see her in less than two days. Hopefully by then she will be warmer.

Oh, Scotticher! Why’d’ya have ta rain on my parade? :wink:

Say, did you get in touch with Caroline? She called and wanted me to tell you that she wouldn’t be able meet with you today.

Yes, I do. We usually end up going to church 3 times on Christmas Eve: 3:00, 8:00 and 11:00. We have several different services and we like going to all of them. My kids are in the Christmas play and sing in the choirs at church. We have occasionally gotten up and gone on Christmas morning, too, but not always.

I agree. Everyone with a recording contract has at least one Christmas album out. And then they take one track from each album and make a “Christmas With The Stars”-type thing, make you think it’s all new stuff when it isn’t.

I agree. Luckily, my kids have never wanted the “must-have” toy, although I did run all over the place one year looking for refills for my daughter’s Easy-Bake Oven that Santa was bringing. The damn thing only came with something like 2 refills, and I wanted to make sure she had more.

Guilty. We decorate in November, usually Thanksgiving weekend, but don’t turn anything on till December. I like icicle lights!

We could do nothing together, Sarah! I also have never seen the appeal of New Years. It’s a new year, who cares? Hubby and I usually get some carry-out, rent a couple movies, dump the kids at grandma’s, and have a nice (and rare) night to ourselves. This past year we did go out, although not “out-out”, just to a party at a friend’s house, with about 20 people.

Oh, come on you wuss, :wink: it’s only Baltimore! What if you lived in Canada, where it’s REALLY cold?

I hate shopping, too, actually, I hate shopping anytime of year. I have solved this, though. Within my family (my side, I mean…my parents, step-parents, siblings and their spouses and their kids) we buy each other ONE gift, something simple, about $15 to $20 bucks. We’re big on gift certificates. Makes it easy.

I hear you, Sarah. “Snow? Oh my God, we have to go to the grocery store NOW and get milk and toilet paper!”
I love the news remotes at the grocery store. There’s always one at the Giant in the Rotunda. “Shoppers are stocking up for the expected quarter-inch of flurries! Film at Eleven!!”
One thing I really hate though, are the smart-ass grocery store clerks. I have 3 kids and a husband and we are BIG milk drinkers. We go through a gallon a day. I buy milk 2 or 3 gallons at a time. I HATE when I am buying milk in the winter, and some smart-ass check-out clerk feels compeled to comment, “Oh, are they calling for snow?” when she sees me buying so much milk.
“No, you shithead, see these 3 kids trailing after me? It’s for them!”
And, yes, it’s only freaking Baltimore, the stuff is gonna melt by noon!

Try forgetting abour yourself, and all the inconviences it causes you and do something for someone else, because I gotta tell you, you sound like a spoiled-rotten, self-centered little brat. Who knows, maybe you have a good reason for being that way, but in case no one ever told you, “The world doesn’t revolve around you”.

That’s correct. It revolves around me.

I don’t hate the season. I rather like winter. I hate people. Yeah, that’s right, you. You come to the mall butt-smack next to my house, clogging up the street so I can’t get out, and clogging up the parking lot so my simple weekly trip to get comics requires a compass, two days’ worth of rations, and a team of sherpas. You’re like cockroaches. Worse, merchant cockroaches trying to sell me the howling void where you say you keep the CHEER! via some sort of weird, bastardized, pagan-orgy-as-painted-by-Norman-Rockwell.

Bugger off, mall-people. Our house was here first.

If you read my posts, you would see that every Christmas, I donate about $250 to charity. I also spend Thanksgiving at a local church shelter serving food to homeless people, and I try to do this same for Christmas (although sometimes I’d rather go to the family party if a new cousin has been born or someone is sick). I don’t particularly like Christmas, which might make me a bad person, but the last words I’d use to describe myself are “spoiled” or “self-centered.”

But whatever floats your boat!

Merry Christmas!

Hey Lux - it revolves around me! What are you thinking? I work across from the mall, and our two seperate parking lots merge into one gigantic monster car match. It took me 15 minutes to leave my parking lot and get on 43 after work today! I cannot even imagine living near one (Toys ‘R’ Us is down the street, and that’s bad enough).