Why I love my health club (mundane if ever there was mundane)

Let me begin by explaining: When I tell people what I pay each month, often they look at me like I’m nuts. "But I go to XYZ for 1/3 that!!

Whatever. I pay a premium to go to a place that offers a lot of primo stuff. And, as you’ll learn, the location is nice too… So, to the list.

  1. It’s like a little town there. I’m greeted by name, not because they’re sucking up, but because the people at the desk, the trainers, the kid in the locker room, heck, even the manager of the place have all bothered to ask. And they see me 4-5 times a week.

  2. The equipment is immaculate and up to date. I don’t think there’s anything there that’s more than 6 months old at any given time.

  3. There’s a physical therapy/sports training clinic in the building that shares use of the gym. I’ve been there, know a few of the therapists and can stop one or two and say “hey, whey does this hurt, and what can I do?”

  4. Ditto the personal trainers. All of them have their pictures on the wall with lists of their education and training. A couple ex-Division I athletes with degrees in physical training and such, and one that was a finalist to be on the new Gladiator show. All friendly as hell, and helpful.

  5. You wanna watch TV? We got TV. You wanna plug your earbuds into the stereo jack on the treadmill, go ahead. You wanna chat with the trainer, go ahead, they’re all approachable. You wanna be left alone to crank the I-pod and get your stuff done (me), go ahead.

  6. Showers, sauna, whirlpool, cold bath, 25 meter pool, tennis courts, 1/5 mile rubberized track, classes and programs out the wazoo.

  7. Every so often, we get stuff thrown at us. Member appreciation days (food!!!), raffles for stuff that we’re automatically entered in as members. Every few weeks, one local restaurant or the other gives us free food by just showing our membership card.

  8. There’s a staff of 5-6 that are exclusively member services. For the most part, Cute Young Things that organize all these promotions and sell memberships.

Finally - Location. I’m literally across the parking lot from the ER of the hospital my club is associated with. A fact that came in handy today when my right knee made an obscene noise, swelled up like a helium balloon, and begin to hurt. One of the trainers heard it, and saw me sit down quickly (I was doing squats). Within minutes, I was being helped into a wheelchair, covered with a blanket (I was sweaty) and wheeled across the lot. While I sat in the ER, one of the trainers went into my locker, grabbed all my stuff, threw it in my gym bag, and brought it over. One of the Cute Young Things came over with the manager to sit with me while I was being x-rayed.

(BTW -inconclusive, probably some ligament damage, maybe not, there’s too much swelling to be sure, I go see my ortho, whose office is - guess where? tomorrow. For now, it’s painkillers and ice)

THEN: the kicker. I got released before my wife got from the train station to get me. Cute Young Thing drove my home in my car, while one of the trainers followed and took her back.

THAT kind of stuff is worth what I pay, anytime at all.

Dang - sounds like you really do get what you pay for.

Hope the knee turns out to be a no-biggie…

Sounds like a very good deal. Hope the knee gets better quickly.


Pain meds + red wine = MBG napping.

Ice has brought swelling down, which has lowered the pain but there’s that familiar stiffness that says this is a crappy thing.

Worst part? I missed the impromptu Dopefest.


Well Mr Bus Guy, you’re livin large now. I can’t for the life of me fathom why you felt the need to tell us about it, but I’m sure those Cute Young Things appreciate your support.
Good luck with the knee.

'Cause he’s a Cool Kid, and we care!

Feel better, MBG.

And, it was mundane and pointless.

And I have good drugs. Did I mention the drugs?

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

I put it in the wrong forum?
I blame the drugs.

Yes, but will you share them?

You had me at “25 meter pool”. Gyms with those are non-existent round here.

Trade ya for some pie?

Well I enjoyed hearing about it. Um…the health club part, not the knee injury part. How’s it feeling today?

Not so hurt-y. Stiff, and cold. I spend 30 minutes every couple hours with the ice-brace-sleeve on. It’s elevated, I’m watching TLC/MSNBC/On-demand, reading, and surfing the net.

And bored to hell. There’s a twinge of pain of I put weight on it, so I have to rest, ice, compress and elevate for another 5-10 days.

I start some light rehab this weekend. Which will no doubt hurt.

So, boredom interspersed with moments of flashing pain.

The cats love me though.

It sounds like an ideal place to get hurt, what with the Cute Young Thing and all. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, you rest and take care of your knee, and enjoy the good drugs while you have them!