Why I will always love Marcia Wallace.

I recently started working with a film permit company here in L.A. performing signature surveys on occasion in order to secure filming permits for location shooting. Towards the end of one day recently, I knocked on a door and was greeted by Edna Krebappel in the flesh (although she was staring at me though a face-sized whole that had bars. I gave her my spiel about her house being within 300 feet of the filming, and she opened her door. I told her what a big fan I was and I proudly displayed my Krusty the Clown watch ($2.00 at BK last year). She said to me, “Wait right here, I’ve got something for you.” My mind raced. Into the house she went while I petted her friendly dog. Fifteen seconds later she returns and hands me an 8 X 10 publicity drawing that says “Simpsons-Mania tour 2000” with Homer driving a British sedan with Grandpa on his left, and Marge on the passenger side: Apu, Burns, and Smithers in the back seat; Bart ‘surfing’ on roof while holding a U.K. flag, with Lisa holding on to luggage rack, and Maggie holding onto Lisa; Milhouse riding back bumper, and Wiggum chasing on foot, with Brit police hat and club. The really cool thing about this piece is that it’s signed by Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castelleneta (Homer as well), Harry Shearer, Julie Kavner, Matt Groening, Pamela Hayden, Hank Azaria, Marcia (under her sig she inadvertently wrote ‘Mrs. Krappel’), Tress MacNeille, and Yeardley Smith (102/200). What could I say? I was absolutely floored. I thanked her and I asked her if she remembered the name of the Taxi ep that she was in. Of course she did - “The Schlugel”. Of course. I stammered some line about one of Hank’s unnamed characters (Oh, a fat sarcastic Star Trek fan. You must be a hit with the ladies, pal). Then I mentioned the Little Rascals connection, and I nervously dropped her gift. As I bent to retrieve my gem, she said “Hah!” as Edna. Eggsellent, I thought. That was it. The next day, I was in the nabe again and I left her a thank you note. I hope she got it.

Lucky you. Great story- now I feel bad because I’d never have recognized her in person. :wink: