Why I'm leaving England, part 94: The Weather

Since the Weather Channel website has a 10-day forecast (of course, predicting the weather for the UK 10 days ahead is surely clutching at straws), I thought I’d look to see what the weather is going to be like for December 22 when I fly back home. Now THIS is one of the reasons I won’t miss Oxford so much! I’m surprised it doesn’t just say “it will rain every day until February. Buy an extra umbrella.”

(Note: there are two rivers which pass through Oxford. Both are at their highest levels in years. We’re all on a knife-edge over here…)

I am quite serious in my desire to leave this country for good. Give me anything (baking heat, disgusting humidity, arctic cold, white out blizzard) except for this persistent drizzly fucking rain which doesn’t seem to have stopped since I got back here. I’m in Manchester. It’s so depressing.

Don’t come back and move to Seattle.

android: Manchester? Phew, that is worse than here. I lived in Leeds for a year and there was a period between January and March when we did not see the sun for 67 days. I have the exact figure because after a while we were all keeping track. When the sun did finally come out in March we all ran outside and had a drunken party (not that we ever really needed an excuse for a drunken party).

Biggirl: Seattle? No thank you. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’ve just been reminded of a contender for the World’s Worst Weather. Reykjavik, Iceland, where my wife spent a month at a language course a few years ago. She saw the sun twice. It rained for all but five days. The temperature never went above 10 C/50 F. She was there in July. Makes Manchester sound like the Riviera.


What amazes me here in Leeds is that no matter how dire the weather is you can still go out on a Friday and Saturday night and all the women are wearing the flimsiest dresses and all the men seem to wear t-shirts.

I believe I’ve seen it or heard it somewhere that November and February are busiest times of year for the Samaritans counselling charity and looking at the weather the last couple of months it ain’t hard to see why.

What I find most depressing though is when we get to the middle of December and bloody Manchester United have it all sewn up with less thean half the bloody season through.

Bugger bugger bugger bugger!!!

Pretty shit here in Dublin, too.

To make matters worse, my brother’s recently moved to Florida, which has just given him a new weapon in the time-honored tradition of little brothers torturing their sisters.

My only consolation is the knowledge that it’s just as shit in any of the parts of America I might have been living in anyway.

Cheerful lot, aren’t you? The weather is behaving quite well in Glasgow, but no doubt we’ll get our turn.

Question for Biggirl: Have you ever lived in Seattle, or are you just going off what you’ve heard? Because you’re pretty much on the money.

Anyway, I believe Seattle and Paris, France are about the same latitude, so their climate is nearly the same. Funny how no one sings about “April in Seattle”.

Anyway, Duke, you’re right. If you’re coming to the states, Seattle isn’t for you. But the eastern half of Washington State would probably suit you fine! It’s much drier and the seasons are more varied: Actual seasons! Not the “warm rain, cold rain, some rain” seasons of Seattle.

Your’re flying back from Oxford on the 22nd? I’m heading the other way! I’ll wave at your plane if I see it in the sky! Could you leave your umbrella somewhere close to the Train station so I can pick it up?

Guess I won’t be getting much punting done this Xmas then!

I live just outside Leeds and I know just what you are talking about casdave.

I actually work there and we got sent home a couple of weeks ago cause they thought the office was going to be flooded out (nice to have the afternoon off). Only last for one day though cause the water levels dropped a bit.

I think it would be worse if it snowed though because we just can’t cope with it in this country. I dunno why we aren’t ready for it.


You get precipitation in LIQUID form (looking out office window at minus 32 degree winter landscape) – lucky bastards.

Oh, and I just heard, blizzard this weekend.

and to think, the French and the English were killing each other to see who had control over this country