Why is 60 Minutes coming thru my computer speakers?

All of a sudden, I hear 60 Minutes on my computer speakers. I closed everything, including this browser, but it was still playing. I look at Task Manager and only this browser is there, and this is the only tab open. I am not connected to my TV from this computer. WHY IS 60 MINUTES COMING OUT OF MY COMPUTER SPEAKERS?

Probably because most computer speakers are very poorly shielded. In my office, several of the workstation’s speakers can be used to detect incoming cell phone calls before the phone actually rings.

Yep, you got some cheap speaker cabling there. It will pick up what ever frequency it can just like an antenna. I used to get a good radio station that I liked on my headphones back in college.
But hey now. TV should be broadcast in digital now. I don’t think your wires would be able to pick that up and understand it…Unless 60 minutes does radio broadcasts, you got me stumped.

CBS does simulcast their audio on their radio stations in some areas.

Edit: I should really say CBS affiliates do simulcast their audio on radio stations in some areas.

The local radio affiliate in L.A.* does this. I was driving somewhere on a Sunday evening and tuned to the station for some news, and was surprised to hear a protracted, in-depth, and non-right-wing news feature. And on AM radio, yet. Of course it was the audio portion of Sixty Minutes.

But why does the OP get it through the computer speakers? I didn’t think it was enough to have just a coil of wire. Doesn’t there also have to be something to act as the tuner?
*KCBS-AM now, I think. Used to be KNX-FM.

You’re losing your mind?

The amp in those speakers has all it takes to act as a reciever. The speaker cable is the antenna. A diode can rectify the signal (extract the audio from the carrier), and that audio gets bumped up in loudness by the rest of the circuitry.

Does 60 Minutes rebroadcast shows on the radio on Monday? Because this is when I heard it.

Another piece of evidence that Andy Rooney is the Antichrist.

Which one was it? Was it about an inventor who invented respirators and flies planes, pollution from our recycled electronics in China, and, um, something else? Because I never ever see it, but I was at my parents’ house on Sunday. That’s the one that aired two days ago.

I only listened to a bit. It was something about how the French may be more healthy than similar nations because they drink a lot of red wine, and there may be a substance in red wine that could be put in a pill we could take to extend our lives, or something like that.

That wasn’t on Sunday, then, as far as I know. So you’re actually listening to old episodes. Your computer’s kind of a loser. :slight_smile:

Sounds like Resveratrol

Are you sure the government isn’t just beaming 60 Minutes straight into your head?

I doubt it is the case but you could have some form of virus or trojan which isn’t visible in the task manager.

At one point I had actually downloaded one of these and ended up getting sounds mimicking people screaming and dying and a voice which I assume was meant to sound like the devil coming out of my computer for no apparent reason. It was a little unnerving at first haha. I think it showed up in the task manager though.

Next time it happens, shut the computer down but leave the speakers on (hopefully they have their own power source.) If you still hear it, then it’s coming through the airwaves. If you don’t hear it, some program on your computer is streaming the audio/video. Seems like a strange thing for a virus to do, but certainly not impossible.

I have a picture of Mike Wallace popping out of your speakers to ask you about that billion dollars you have in your bank account.

No beer and no TV make Fiddle Peghead’s Computer go crazy?

Now, if Andy Rooney were to comment on YOUR computer, then that would be something.

Related : I once read that a US penny can modify a radio.Anyone know the deal with this?

What’s the frequency, Kenneth?