Why is Amersterdam The Capital Of The Netherlands

From what I read, the embassies, the parliment, the supream courts, and legislature meets at “the Hague”

The only thing I can find is the monarch is installed in Amsterdam.

So why call Amersterdam the capital?

I don’t know. But they are not the only ones.


Apparently their Constitution sets it up that way:


Which says that the Hague was a compromise choice as administrative capital, chosen precisely because it was unimportant (you’ll hear theories that Washington, D.C. and Bonn were chosen for similar reasons, to discourage government from getting overly powerful or overly associated with an already-dominant region or city of the country).

There are quite a few countries have more than one capital. It’s not like the word itself has any specifc legal type meaning.

But what is in Amsterdam that makes it the capital? In fact the Netherlands doesn’t refer to the Hague as “A” capital but rather the “seat of government.”

By definition a capital city contains the government or at least “part” of the government, seem like the Judical, legislative, royal and executive branches are in the Hague. As well as foreign embassies. So what is left in Amsterdam

I’m late, but if you want to know all, read: