Why is Challenger buried in an old missile silo?

I read today how they are planning to put the Columbia debris in the huge assembly building at Cape Canaveral. The article mentioned that Columbia will still be accessible to scientists and some others, unlike the Challenger debris which was dumped in a missile silo and cemented over.

Why not put it in a musuem? If the fact that people died in the crew compartment is stopping them from displaying it, I can’t see why. That hasn’t stopped anyone from displaying many other things where human lives were lost. Being sealed in an abandoned missile silo just doesn’t seem like a respectful burial place.

I’m trying to think of something, outside of a building or a war trophy, that people have died in being on display.

Tell us about one?

It’s also in a silo to keep lowlife scumbags from swiping parts to sell on E-Bay.

They had eBay in 1986?


The bullet-riddled Bonny and Clyde car is on display at some casino near the California/Nevada state line.

No, but that didn’t stop them.

You do realize there are several of those floating around.

I guess I should have clarified my statement by stating in a legitimate museum.

What about the car JFK died in? Where is that?

IIRC, it’s in a Ford museum in Dearborn.

Nightclub owner George Patey bought the bricks from the shot-to-hell warehouse wall from the Valentine’s Day Massacre, which he reconstructed in the men’s room of his club in the early 70’s.

Well, it’s not like you can see bullet holes or gore in it, as LBJ had it totally redone after the shooting.

Be that as it may, the car is still on display in the Henry Ford Museum.

True. And you can see the USS Arizona, and people take tours to see the Titanic. (Not at the HFM, of course.)

IIRC, they also have the chair on which Lincoln sat when he was shot.

Speaking of Lincoln, one can also go and see the room in which he died across from Ford’s Theater.

They raised the Titanic? Did I miss the memo?

Mummies and skelletons (AKA dead, real people) are exhibited across the world. An object doesn´t seem like such a big deal in contrast.


And to the left we can see the boat that pharaoh Amonthep was on when a Nubian assasin killed him


And to the right is Amonthep mummified, ghastly and rotten corpse.



They take people down in submersables. Apparently they are messing things up down there, and the wreckage is deteriorating rapidly.


I think you can also visit the *Hunley, * a Civil War sub which sank, killing all of its crew members.