Why is Donald Trump allowed to run for President?

From what I can tell he has no Political degree, little to no knowledge of international relations and foreign policies. He has little to no compassion or moral appeal to human beings. He’s mostly uses faulty Logos approaches from what I’ve seen, and when he has made ethos and pathos approaches to a debate it’s not out of humanitarianism like qualities but rather out of a black and white way of thinking. He’s attacked entire groups of people and labeled them as criminals and a threat to our safety. He want’s to work with putin on reclaiming the lost states of the warsaw pact (okay maybe not but I see no good that can come from letting Putin violate international laws and get away with it like we do).

So I’m just wondering how a poorly educated, or rather uneducated business man can actually run for President or any government leadership position like senator or governor. I understand we may have had uneducated a President in the past but that was at least a 100 years ago now. A dental nurse cannot fill your cavity, why? because they do not have the degree verifying they are able to carry out this procedure. Only the actual dentist is allowed to fill a cavity or do anything like that, because he specifically has a degree saying he can and is able to preform such a thing. Why is leading a country any different? Every hardworking politician who went through college and went through the hassle of whatever they chose to do is basically receiving a big middle finger to their face by this business man / celebrity who comes in with his own billions of dollars funding him self and says anything he wants even if it’s a fallacy and gets away with it because he literally has nothing at stake like these actual politicians.

Any clarification on this would be nice, or maybe Trump does have some degrees I don’t know about and can’t find on the internet. I’d really like to hear what you dopers’ two cents are.

As a law school graduate, Mr. President, surely you know there are no formal requirements concerning the educational background of presidential candidates.

PS: Trump has a degree from Wharton.

From the US Constitution:

Those are the only requirements for President. Are you suggesting there should be others?

In addition to the age and natural born citizen requirements, to appear on the ballot, a candidate has to get X thousand signatures in Y number of states, which is what keeps most potential vanity candidates off of it. Trump, for all his faults, has had no difficulty doing this.


Another requirement should be a masters in politics and international relations. Even the President has 20 political analysts the president their self should have a fundamental understanding of Politics. An economist cannot run a country.


Not debating with you there, but there are countless reasons for that which are all irrelevant to being President of the USA. We need presidents like JFK, someone who isn’t going to sit by and allow their people to commit atrocities such as Operation Northwoods.

Is this a serious question or do you just want to spew your hatred of Donald Trump in what is supposed to be a forum searching for factual answers to questions that lend themselves to such?

You have been here for over 8 months now so there is no reason why you should not know that this kind of question belongs in Great Debates or at least IMHO.

By this standard, I’m not sure any of the current candidates, of any major of minor party, would qualify, to say nothing of retroactively disqualifying everyone who’s ever held the office to date.

I realize that fully, but I was asked what other requirements I think should be in place and that is one of them. Whether it’s a good idea or not, it’s still one none the less.

For anyone who thinks I’m just trying to hate on donald trump, I am but not entirely because I’m genuinely concerned about the Republican party at this point in my life.

You do realize that this would make your namesake unqualified, don’t you?

A lot of our legal system, as you’re certainly aware, is based less on legislation than on precedent. You, for example, hold a Bachelor’s degree in political science with a specialization in international relations, not a Master’s, as well as a Juris Doctor. Prior to becoming President, your fundamental understanding of Politics came from a single term in the Senate. Are you asserting that you yourself should not have been eligible to run for and hold the office? (Before you answer, be aware that quite a few right-wing pundits have expressed this precise viewpoint.)

JFK, likewise, had a BA in Poli Sci. Maybe it was his years of military service that qualified him to hold both Krushchev and the Pentagon in check?

Since this is GQ, I’m just going to say that, no, that is not a fact. That is an opinion.

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Harry Truman had one semester at a local, community-type college, and no degree past high school.

Interestingly enough, the actual Obama, the current president, has only a bachelor’s in political science, not a master’s – his graduate work was law school.

George W. Bush had an undergrad degree in history and is the only president, as of 2015, to have an MBA.

Bill Clinton holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service, and a law degree – no masters in politics or international relations.

George H.W. Bush: Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Yale; no masters.

Ronald Reagan: Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Eureka College; no masters.

Jimmy Carter: Bachelor of Science from the US Naval Academy.

Gerald Ford (never popularly elected to either the Presidency or the Vice-Presidency): Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from University of Michigan, followed by a law degree from Yale. No masters.

Richard Nixon: Summa cum laude graduate from Whittier College, bachelor’s degree in history, followed by law school. No masters.

I’m going to stop there, because since 1968 we haven’t have a president with the qualifications you demand.

Well, his college record is very well hidden “on the internet”, so it’s no surprise you couldn’t find it.

Anybody can apply for a job, even a job that he isn’t qualified for. It doesn’t mean that the employer (in this case, we the people) have to hire him.

Woodrow Wilson had a doctorate in political science. (I picked him to investigate because of his career in academia. I was actually surprised; I thought he would have a PhD, but it would be in the classics.)

for all of Trump’s flaws, he’s allowed to run because America is a free country.

Which is ironic, considering what would happen if he became president and was allowed to implement his policies.