Why is Indiana a red state?

Most of the states around the Great Lakes are “blue states,” places where folks generally have liberal political leanings. Even northern Ohio – Cleveland, Toledo, Youngstown, and their suburban and exurban areas – would be solidly blue if it was its own state.

However, Indiana is solidly Republican. It has been a “red state” for nearly 40 years. There’s the occasional Democrat governor, but for the most part the state has a very, very conservative reputation. Why? What makes Indiana a peninsula of red jutting out into a sea of blue?

I wonder if Indiana has a largely stable, non-transitory population, and, if so, if this has any bearing on its voting habits. I would also imagine, having spent part of the summer on the Kentucky/Indiana border near Evansville, that much of the southern part of the state tends toward the Republicans.

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It’s mainly because Indiana is less urbanized and less industrialized than the other Great Lakes states. The rural and small town population tends to be more conservative and vote Republican.

The simplest explanation I can think of is that Indiana doesn’t have many major cities. On the county-by-county map of Ohio, most of the blue in the state is concentrated around Cleveland and Columbus, the two biggest population centers, and on the Illinois map, most of the blue is concentrated around Chicago. In general throughout the country, cities tend to be more Democrat compared to the surrounding Republican rural areas. But Indiana doesn’t have any cities as large as Cleveland, and so all that’s left is the vast red spaces in between.