Why is ISIS America's problem?

We don’t need Iraq for oil anymore. The price collapsed because we can frack all the oil and gas we want in the USA. ISIS killing a few American journalists was an act of crime, not war. We have proven several times that bombing that part of the world will only create a larger problem in the future. Why don’t we save the money and do some good for our own country? People are complaining about the cost of the proposal of free college. The last Iraq war cost many times more than free college would. I wish the presidential candidates would stop wasting time with the red herring of fighting ISIS. All that will happen is we will throw some more lives and money down the hole to fight an unwinnable war. Just ask George W. Bush what that did to his approval rating.

Point of order- The price has not crashed because we can frack oil and gas in America, oil is being over produced in the House of Saud for their own reasons so it becomes unviable to get extract it here. Correlation, though no causation.

Because politicians need a bogeyman they can point at to sir up fear and xenophobia so they can achieve their political ends. How else will they force Apple to roll over and give unlimited access to its products?

While Afghanistan is a tragedy, no core US interests are involved and is no threat to us.
—USG assesment of Afghanistan and Taliban until 10th September 2001.

The modern world is interconnected and there is no safe or faraway place anymore. A nation state can abolish you, your loved ones and your city in 30 minutes. A bunch of crazies can carry out an attack on your territory within days.

Because America - and by extension Western democracy and social values - is ISIS’s ultimate problem, in their view.

Because it is a breeding ground for hate and terror which will bite us in the ass some day. Of course it’s pointless to address it because we aren’t going to do what’s necessary to make a difference. We’ll be much better off not wasting resources on a fight against ISIS right now and be in a better position to deal with the inevitable results.

I think it is fair to contend that ISIS IS a legitimate concern of the US, while debating the exactly how US ought to react to them.

Unfortunately ISIS is only one aspect of many that complicate the middle east and parts nearby. As far as I can tell, the US has never had a clear and consistent policy with respect to the region and its concerns.

Actually, the price of oil currently is due to a glut on the market, only part of which is due to the US. While it’s true that ‘we don’t need Iraq for oil anymore’, the reality is WE never did…we (the US) has never gotten much oil from Iraq. Most of our oil came from Saudi and now most of it comes from Canada. However, since the oil markets are all interconnected, the fact we don’t get much oil from Iraq is not really relevant. It’s not about us saving money or our oil companies getting rich in Iraq, it’s about keeping the region stable because we as well as the rest of the world NEED oil. If ISIS takes over the Iraqi oil wells then that’s going to seriously cut into the worlds supplies, which means we will be competing for non-Iraqi oil sources with everyone else, driving up the price. We don’t have an exclusive contract with Canada or Venezuela for oil…they sell it on the world market just like everyone else, and we bid for it just like everyone else, despite our reputation as the evil empire. :stuck_out_tongue:


Which is more likely to be the case after any US effort to “address” the problem.

No idea why you think it is - the USA has been inept in the Middle East for 10 years.

The US created ISIS but it has no idea how to contribute to end ISIS. The international community - now led by Putin in the wake of US disengagement - is working towards that. The US has belatedly reengaged but has zero credibility due to its history.

Isn’t part, or most, of the reason there is hate and terror because you are there?

I’m sure ISIS would be glad to sell the oil to whoever wants to buy it. How does the owner of the oil well stop it from producing oil?

In a reasonably short time Iraq, Libya and Syria have been destroyed, Egypt has been driven down another peg and Iran has a noose around it’s neck.

i wouldn’t call that Inept.

Let’s also not forget that the US came pretty close to taking Russia’s highly important port of Sevastopol.

I have never believed that Iraq and Afgan. was about oil, my thoughts are that it was about creating buffer states to stop any expansionist plans of Iran. It was rumoured that there was intel. that Iran was planning to invade Iraq with the objective of opening land routes to Syria giving Iran access to Mediterranean ports allowing Iran to supply arms to terrorist organisations, ISIS/Islamist groups in N. Africa. At present Iranian shipments of arms can be stopped at Suez forcing shipments to go via Cape of good Hope. A successful invasion upon Iraq by Iran would destabilise the area forcing Israel to go on the offensive, possibly nuclear.
Because of 9/11 the American people realised that they are no longer isolated by distance from terrorist attack. We must stop thinking of ISIS as a load of nutters, they are a well funded organisation with the determination to win and the fact that they still exist and imposing their regime proves that they are a force to be reckoned with. Will defeating them in Iraq stop them? NO, ISIS is a many headed Hydra that once stopped in one theatre will appear in another country destabilising the area. So yes America does need to be involved.
Please do not ask for proof as this is only my opinion any news items went into the trash long ago

Would you call it a success? Who was the winner?

The US could claim control of Sevastopol if and only if they put boots on the ground in the Crimea. I have grave doubts that plans with any semblance to that reality were ever discussed outside wargames.com

ISIS is not our problem. Let them kill each other for all I care.

True that. Just like the War on Drugs™. Any “War” is good for business.

Not to deny ISIS is a problem, tho. Their activity affects us and our friends indirectly by way of the refugee crisis in Europe, for example, and destabilizing the middle east, politically.

Are you sure? My understanding is that Saudi Arabia was never a major source of oil for the United States. There’s no reason to ship oil further than it needs to go. So Saudi oil went mainly to Asia while the United States got its oil from Canada, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Yeah, all those women and children being being oppressed by religious nuts should have been born closer to the US if we Americans are actually expected to care about them. And all those mass executions ISIL is putting on the Internet? Well, call me when they start killing normal people, like Americans or the good kind of Europeans.

By that logic, the US should be in up to its neck in Africa intervening in the continuous slaughter that, unfortunately, characterizes the continent.

If you think it’s the US’s role to crush ISIS in order to protect the various innocents being slaughtered by its forces, the same logic compels you to act elsewhere in the world.

(unless I have misunderstood what I thought was your sarcasm)