Why is it called a TV set?

Why is it called a tv set? It’s only one thing, not a set of things.

They call it a TV set? I always have called it a TV. I guess they did it just to upset you. There’s a lot of redundancy going around, and perhaps the TVs caught it too. Why do they say “a period of time”? In the context that it is used, it is always referring to time, not the stupid punctuation that is supposed to follow this sentence -
Perhaps because it contains a set of little stuff inside, the working of which I know next to nothing.

Radio receiving SET, Telegraph SET

American Heritage Dictionary, Second Collage Edition:

set2 (set, sorry no diacritical marks) *N * 6. The collective receiving apparatus assempled to operate a radio or television

Early radios for example were not integrated units as they are today. You had for example, batteries or power supplies, the receiver itself, speakers or headphones, and perhaps an amplifier as well.