Why is it so difficult to drum your fingers backwards?

Interesting, I’ve only ever done index to pinky - I never even thought to try it the other way. However, after about 10 seconds of awkwardness, I can go both directions with either hand, with very little difference.

Both hands are similar for me. Amazing since I broke my left wrist about a year ago and it has affectedm y fingers.

Coriolis effect.

^^ +1

It’s easy for me in either direction with either hand. I can even alternate quickly.

Surely it’s sheer practice. I have no trouble doing it either way, I can alternate quickly and I have the coordination of Jello.

I would guess that if you can touch type or play a musical instrument, it should be easy.

No proble in either direction for me, or alternating fingers, or pretty much any random order or complex rhythm I want. I am also a gutar player, so maybe it’s a trained dexterity thing.

Either way is fine with me. Mostly keyboard player here.

Either way, with either hand, works fine. I blame it on practicing piano scales.

Pinky to index is definitely more natural for me. I play guitar and piano at a reasonably high level. It’s more than just practice.

No problem either way for me, nor with either hand.

Weird side effect of eating with chopsticks a lot? :dubious:

Me too. I play guitar and type and do both reasonably well. With some practice I have gotten a little better at index to pinky, but it would take lots and lots of practice for it to be as effortless as pinky to index. Maybe it’s just me.

Apparently so :smiley:

Easy enough either way (30+ computer-literate years, more than that as a highly inexpert pianist/organist).

Oddly enough, I find it easier going left to right (palm downward), although it’s slightly harder with my left hand. Do other people notice a difference between their hands?

Pinky to index is nonsensical. Clearly you should start with your dominant finger and work down. :wink:

Right handed I can do either - slight preference for index to pinky, probably because the other is so unexpected that I haven’t ever done it before.

Left hand I am equally bad with both. Cannot sequence worth a flip either direction.

Did actually play cello in school - 6 years, left hand string fingering. Yet no help.

Ring finger is the big hangup. Index and middle are reasonably coordinated, and pinky is distinct enough to separate out, but ring is a muddle either way.

I can do it either way almost the same, but I would say I have a slight preference for left to right, with either hand. So for my left hand, pinky to index is slightly easier, but for right hand, index to pinky is slighty easier.

Played saxophone for a long time, though.

I can really only do it pinky to index. If I flatten out my hand so I’m drumming my fingerpads rather then the tips, I’m better at going the other way but it’s still pretty pathetic.

ALTHOUGH! I can do it just as well index to pinky if I move my wrist rather than my fingers. If I keep the wrist stationary and just drum with the fingers, still totally pathetic.

I go pinky to index. my sister does index to pinky. no clue why.