Why is it so hard to find the Beatles Rock Band Gretsch Duo-Jet guitar?

So, I’m having a Rock Band fundraiser in a couple of weeks, and I need a second guitar controller for the event, so I thought it would be cool to get one of the new Beatles Rock Band guitars. I went to Amazon, and they don’t have any themselves, but some of their associated retailers do - for almost DOUBLE the price :eek: Um, no thanks! Best Buy does not have them, Target doesn’t, GameStop does not have them online and the closest stores to me (Boston) are in Connecticut and Maine! I even checked Craigslist - no dice. (And Walmart and BJs and RadioShack and any other retailer I could think of).

Did Nintendo produce limited numbers of these things? Will stores get more in stock if I wait a bit? Any clues at all about why these things are so hard to find?

Note: I should be clear that this is for Wii. I saw XBOX versions on the shelf at Best Buy.

Keep in mind that there was a certain occasion 3.5 weeks ago, which involved gift-giving. My guess would be that the guitars are out of stock. Past holiday seasons have proven that Wii equipment for popular games sells out quickly.

If it were a few months later, I’d guess that you’d have much better luck.

Yeah, I guess. Seems like a long time to stay sold out if it was xmas. Has anyone seen any on the shelves anywhere?

I dunno…depends, I suppose, on when they get resupplied by Nintendo (or whoever makes those controllers).