Why is Magneto considered such a powerful mutant

The ability to move metal with your mind is nice, but it just seems like a very limited form of telekinesis. So why is he considered such a powerful mutant in the marvel universe? Is it that despite the fact that his telekinesis only affects metal, his ability to move objects with his mind (the size of the objects, number of objects, distance between him and the objects) is much higher than most telekinetic mutants?

That, and the fact that he is highly intelligent, extremely motivated, and has a daughter who at one time could manipulate reality. Magneto is a guy who can, according to the movies, transport the Golden Gate Bridge with the power of his mind without his brain leaking out his ears. He ripped Wolverine’s adamantium augmentations clean out of his body, fer Og’s sake! And he’s played by Ian McKellan. What more do you want?

Magneto is not limited to metallic objects.

To expand on this: ferromagnetism is not the only kind of magnetism. Everything is magnetic at some level; you just need enough of a field to manipulate it via the much weaker diamagnetic and paramagnetic interactions. Remember the videos of the magnetically levitated frogs? A guy who can–as silenus mentioned–generate a magnetic field capable of lifting and moving the Golden Gate Bridge should be capable of generating enough of a field. It would take more of an effort for him to pull you apart with his powers than to do the same to a car, but he could almost certainly do it.

Beyond that, it’s not just metal-telekinesis; that’s just the easy stuff for him. The ability to directly manipulate magnetic fields opens up all sorts of possibilities, since it allows him to indirectly manipulate electromagnetism and electricity. One obvious stunt would be jamming communications, and in fact, he uses it to block telepathic intrusions, suggesting that telepathy is mediated by electromagnetic fields. Now, turn that around…and he should be able to jam your brain as well. For that matter, we know that deep-brain magnetic stimulation has effects on brain function; researchers recently managed to remotely control human movement with it. What do you suppose someone who can produce and control intense magnetic fields could do with that?

Is he powerful yet?

Apparently Magneto (according to wikipedia) can also create force fields, create teleportation wormholes, rearrange matter on the atomic level, warp light to make himself invisible. Yeah, those combined with his advanced TK metal powers makes him a pretty potent mutant.

I thought he needed his special hat to do that?

From memory:
Magneto: “At this range I can dominate your nervous systems!”

Wolverine: “I think that’s illegal in this state.”

Size, scope, and power. Xavier is considered powerful because he can affect:

  1. Many minds at once,
  2. Many minds over a large area, and
  3. Powerfully affect those minds.

Apply this to magnetism and you’ll see the parallels.

It’s involved, at least, but I think it’s generally implicit that there’s more to it than the helmet. Since it’s represented as unusual that Magneto is protected, we have to assume that not just anyone with a bucket on their head is immune to telepathy. I would speculate that the helmet is a focus for the jamming field, either making it easier to sustain, or retaining the field while Magneto does other things.

Isn’t magnetism one of the four fundamental forces? I think his body of work rates the title.

As a slight hijack, I wonder why Marvel has never created a triumvirate of Magneto, Graviton and Owen Reece? Throw in the High Evolutionary and they could easily dominate a pitiful mudball like Earth. Of course ALL of them have had bouts with madness.

So how did Shaw get it to do the same thing in the “First Class” movie?

Explanations of their powers in the movies =/= explanations of their powers in the books.

Because…yeah bitches, magnets!!!

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(A Breaking Bad reference if you didn’t know…)

So, what you’re asking is…
Magneto- how the fuck does he work?

In particular, First Class might as well be in an alternate universe.

Even if he were restricted to control of metals, that leaves a lot of room for tricksy stuff (remember what a major component of our blood is, for instance), and the sheer scale of his powers, combined with the sheer precision he’s capable of would be a damn good reason to rate him an Omega.

This. It isn’t just what you can do, but also the range, precision and magnitude of your power. Absorbing energy and creating light might mean you’re Dazzler or it might mean you’re Chen Lu, the Radioactive Man.

Dude can move asteroids with his brain, and stand up to direct nuclear attack. Also, he can fly and increase his strength and speed.

Also, he’s one of those comic-book super-genius “scientists” - not quite at the Reed Richards level but close. Which has to be a superpower on its own.

In “God loves, man kills” he tortures Purifiers into giving up information* by doing nasty things to their blood circulation. He’s been known to crush submarines at a distance, move planetoids, and has both raw power and finesse where most mutants tend to be either “Og crush” or “I can make little blue balls of a diameter between 5 and 6 ml”.

  • while the watching X-Men oh so saintly moan ‘oh noes, that is wrong’, which after all isn’t so different from how they behave whenever Prof Xaintly alters someone’s mind “for his own good”.

Didn’t Owen Reece (Molecule Man) and Beyonder merge to become a cosmic cube (what they call “the tesseract” in the marvel movies) which then became Kosmos? Or did they retcon that?